If You Are Unhappy In Your Relationship How You React Could Be Down To Your Zodiac Sign

When we are unhappy about something, we don’t always say so but it shows how we behave. The unhappiness has been festering away inside us and instead of sitting down with the person, we act differently around them.

Our body language changes, we tend to stop confiding in them, and in some cases, people just stop talking to that person leaving them out in the cold and confused as to what has gone wrong.

This isn’t just found in romantic relationships it’s found in all types of relationships and according to the zodiac how you behave depends on the sign you were born under.


Aries doesn’t like to confront any issues unless forced to, they tend to freeze you out as to them if there are issues its because of you so your time is up, you’ve made them unhappy and you are what is wrong.


Taurus when unhappy put all their energy into something else such as a work project so they don’t have to spend time with you, doing up their home in their own tastes rather than a mutual conversation and agreement. They are fulfilling their life in other ways and you are far as they are concerned are no longer part of it.


Gemini’s emotions will be all over the place, they will cry for no apparent reason. They will have meltdowns and very public ones at that. They will give you looks that could kill but will not talk to you about what s bothering them. You are the problem and you need to get away from them so they can return to their happy life.


Cancer is well known for talking about what they are feeling so when they suddenly start to clam up and give you the silent treatment it is because they no longer have the will to work on the relationship. The more you try to find out what is wrong the more withdrawn they become until you push them too far and then a total meltdown erupts and its all aimed at you.


Leo’s will distant themselves first, if you push their buttons, they can become aggressive with you and very dismissive. They will become secretive and if this is a romantic relationship sorry to tell you but their eyes are already looking for your replacement.


Passionate by nature when they are unhappy this will just stop dead. Paranoia will set in and you will find yourself being accused of many things and nothing you can say will change their minds. They will appear calm, don’t be fooled by this as a volcanic eruption is on its way and you are in its pathway.


When a Libra is unhappy everything in their life goes wrong, from relationships at work, home, the family you name it, it all goes wrong. They will cause fights with anyone and everyone and have even been known to end up physically sick because of the stress they are giving themselves.


When a Scorpio is unhappy, they often don’t know why they act more possessive and jealous than normal, they pick fights with you, they begin to see you as an enemy and the emotions from this will be too intense for them. They will remove themselves from you in any way they can and they will blame you and will never forget that this is your fault, even when it isn’t.


The passive-aggressive nature of a Sagittarius can be deadly. They will make biting, hurtful comments to you and will have emotional outbursts that leave you stunned. If they feel that you are wasting their time or not being truthful with them then as far as they are concerned its all-out war.


When Capricorn begins to doubt those in any kind of relationship they begin to try and control that relationship. They are unhappy and uncomfortable so they want you to feel the same as they do, they will attempt to micro-manage you so that you feel so uncomfortable that you leave saving them the time to get rid of you themselves.


When unhappy Aquarius will simply go off and do whatever they want to do, they view this as getting on with living their own way. They could suddenly announce they are going on a trip and you’re not invited, find a new group of friends and start to not turn up to planned events. You’re out in the cold, they are done with you.


Pisces when unhappy become selfish and all about themselves. There is no room for you, you’ve hurt them in some way and you should know you have and it’s not down to them to explain anything to you. If they get to this stage, they already have life mapped out moving forward and it doesn’t include you.