If You Scare Away Your Partners It Could Be Down To Your Zodiac Sign

It is thought that our behaviors are impacted depending on what zodiac sign we are born under and how we behave in love is no exception.


This sign has no difficulty with falling in love, what scares them is when things become serious. They are fine with going out and having fun where there is no pressure of commitment, but when commitment is expected they get on shaky ground. They don’t really want to settle down unless they feel they have found the right partner, which is difficult for them to feel secure when they are basically a commitment-phobe.


This sign is a perfectionist and by being this way they scare off potential partners as the partner feels they have no room to make mistakes. Taurean people have a bad character trait of not being able to leave any past mistakes behind and have been known to bring mistakes up over and over again.


Difficult sign to be with, as they can be very immature and leave all decisions regarding the relationship to their partner and that includes some vital life-changing decisions. They can be very draining to be with and should they not like the decisions made are quick to blame their partner for what is wrong.


This sign can be overprotective and literally tell their partner what to think and feel. You could be the happiest go lucky person there is and your Cancer partner would tell you that is not what you should be thinking or feeling, which puts a lot of people off from wanting to be in that type of relationship.


Control in the name of the game with a Leo. Love can’t be controlled and shouldn’t be, but for a Leo is has to be. Your partner will feel suffocated in this type of relationship and it scares them off, and should they try to discuss their feelings with you, they will not be listened to by you.


Virgo’s are scared to love anyone and that includes themselves. Virgo’s overthink every single situation and rather than take a risk and find happiness they would rather forgo love and be left alone, this scares any potential partners as to why should they invest time into a relationship that is only one-sided.


People are scared away from you as they constantly feel they have to compete for your time. Yes, it is great having lots of friends and spending time with them, but if your partner feels they have to compete every single day for your time it will be exhausting for them and they end up leaving.


Those born under this sign literally sabotage their own happiness. Even when life is good and the relationship is in a great place, Scorpio’s tend to think about worst-case scenarios and this will put your partner off as they will feel they are constantly in a battle of what is happening to what you believe is happening.


This sign is far too passive for a long-term relationship as they are quite willing to have their partner make all decisions. This may suit some people but if this becomes the norm even a bossy partner will get frustrated and perhaps bored when every single decision is made by them, it would be like a parent-child relationship and no one wants that!


This sign always assumes the worst. You could be the happiest couple alive and a Capricorn will still think of worst-case scenarios. They are so focused on what could go wrong, they forget to live and enjoy the moment they are in. A relationship that is miserable is no place for anyone.


This sign is selfish and has a huge ego. They only think of themselves and their needs. This kind of behavior is impossible to put up with for too long. Money is what drives them and how they are going to get it, and they risk everything to be financially secure and that includes losing someone who loves them.


This sign can be childlike in their relationships, they want fun and doing what makes them happy whilst their partner is left making all the important decisions. They literally live in the clouds and that would be a challenge for anyone to maintain a relationship with them.