If You Suck At Relationships It Could Be Down To Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you just suck at relationships.

It could be your zodiac sign that is causing this.


You can be flighty and all over the place. You have a real fear of commitment and that is why you jump from one relationship to another.

You get bored quickly once the first moments of passion have subsided, and you feed off those moments so once passed you need to find the next fix.

You might lose a good partner due to this behavior, so calm down and take things slow you might just be surprised and find yourself finally in a long-term relationship if you do.


Oh, wow are you a stubborn one.

In relationships you tend to keep yourself at a distance, it’s like a wall goes up to keep you safe, yet you also tend to put yourself on a pedestal.

This can make you appear self-centered, the reality is you’re not.

If someone stays long enough to breach your wall, they will find a warm loving person, maybe consider not having a wall up in the first place just some initial boundaries.


You are a brat, yes you are!

You act like a child and your brain is constantly on the go and anyone around you are lucky if you can concentrate on something for more than 2 minutes.

Those who are trying to have a relationship with you will become increasingly frustrated with you as you constantly change your mind.

No one wants to date an adult who acts like a child snap out of it and focus on being an adult.


You cannot stand up for yourself in relationships.

The relationship dies and fades away as you just don’t say what you are thinking or feeling.

Some people like submissive partners all the time, other’s not so much, it gets tiring being the one making all the decisions and it makes them believe you don’t care about anything.


You are one big attention seeker with an enormous ego.

No one wants to be in a relationship where they have to keep paying you compliments just to keep you happy.

You are demanding and high maintenance which leaves your partner absolutely exhausted from spending time with you.


You are so organized and precise it drives people around you insane.

You need to lower your expectations slightly as not everyone is like you, and what is wrong with a little mess and disorganization now and again.

No one can be perfect all the time and that includes you even though you think you are perfect, you are far from perfect if you can’t even make allowances for those you’re involved in a relationship with.


Of all the signs you are the most dateable.

No, that doesn’t mean you are perfect, but you do know how to adapt and accept other people’s flaws.

The only downside is you know exactly how much you bring to the table, and once allowances have been made, if your partner doesn’t match then you are more than happy to eat at your table alone.


You are known to be a right little liar!

Because of this, it will be hard for you to commit to anyone except yourself.

You don’t trust people, and lying is your way of protecting yourself, the downside is no one likes a liar and your lies hurt, so they will leave you and you will find yourself alone again.


You are a control freak big time!

Everything has to be your way or no way.

This will put people off wanting to be in a relationship with you as you have no idea how to compromise, and when they don’t agree to your way you go cold and sulk or even go ghost, no one wants a relationship like that.


You are a right killjoy.

You are so hard on people that they get to quickly dislike you.

Yes, you are hard on yourself too but that doesn’t make it right. You need to lighten up and relax for goodness sake. Stop worrying about everything and even things that haven’t even happened or may not even happen.


You are hard work to be in a relationship with.

You are a right know-it-all and think everyone is below you.

You constantly brag about your accomplishments and act as if you are intellectually superior to those around you. No one likes a bragger so reel your neck in or you will find yourself very lonely.


You believe you are an open book, but you’re not.

How you believe you are acting is not what your partner sees.

It’s like a whole relationship is in your head whilst in reality, your partner doesn’t see the loving person your mind thinks you are showing.

Get out of the clouds, come down to the real world.