If Your Lady Does These 14 Things Then She’s A Keeper

1. She believes in you and your potential to do great things

She accepts that you have flaws just the same as she does, she sees you for who you are. She will never put you on a pedestal nor will she view you as someone beneath her. She wants to see you thrive in life to maximize your potential.

2. She will support you with all you want to do

She knows you have dreams and goals. She will avoid being someone who holds you back, she will be your biggest cheerleader and she will when needed make her own compromises.

3. She will check in with you to make sure you are okay

This is not about her not trusting you, this is about making sure you know she is thinking of you and that you are having a good day, should you be having a bad day, it’s your chance to talk things through.

4. She listens to what you have to say

She understands that communication is key in a relationship, so talking is good, but so is listening. When you talk together she will give you her full attention as she believes that is important and respectful to each others needs.

5. She will be there for you

She will not let you down when you have things planned. She will not be late and if you call her for help then she will be there for you, just as she knows you would do the same for her.

6. She is honest with you even if it hurts

No relationship can survive without honesty and she knows this. She will always be honest with you even if you don’t like what you hear, to comfort you with a lie is something she isn’t prepared to do.

7. She trusts you to be true to her

Just as she is prepared, to be honest with you, she expects the same behavior from you. She never wants to hear a lie pass your lips as to do so is showing disrespect to her.

8. She has her own life too

She will not make the relationship her whole life, she is an individual person in her own right, she knows her self-worth, she is strong and independent and has a life she enjoys.

9. She gives you the space for your own life too

Just as she has space to breathe and have her own life, she wants you to have that too, she will never hold you back she wants you to feel freedom just as she does, and a couple too.

10. She is proud of you and wants the world to know

There is none of this hiding away relationship stuff for her, she wants the world to know she loves you and that you are a huge part of her life.

11. She always makes an effort with those that are important to you

She is fully aware that you have people who are important to you such as friends and family. She will make an effort to get along with them and should she struggle with anyone she will work through this with you so you never feel torn between two people.

12. She is consistent with you

She has no time for periods of hot and cold, what you see is what you get, and you get that consistently from her. This is not a relationship of convenience she knows it is something that requires hard work.

13. She will always be herself

She will keep shit real with you. She will be genuine and will never mislead you or be unfaithful. She is opening her whole self up to you.

14. She encourages you to keep yourself real

You are not some project for her that needs changing, she sees you for you, loves you warts and all, and would never want your life to be any different.