If You’re Looking For A Forever Kind Of Love, Date A Guy That Wants Forever Too

We all would love to find a guy who would actually like to date us, for us.

You know the guy who doesn’t introduce himself by sending the unwelcome dick pic before he has even met you!

The guy who makes the effort to ask for your number and calls you, he doesn’t just text you and asks to take you out on a date.

The guy who takes time to get to know you and plans a date that you will both enjoy and isn’t just trying to be nice to get you into bed.

The guy who doesn’t try to be all over you, kissing you on the first date, someone who picks you up and takes you home, so he knows you got home safely, he wants to show you he is in for the long road and not a quickie.

The guy who makes you laugh until you ache, and takes you as you are on good days and bad days, who sees you sick and wants to take care of you even when you are not looking your best after all looks fade personalities doesn’t

The guy who wants to see the un-filtered you, who gives you those all desired butterflies and sets you alight without even so much as touching you.

The guy who knows exactly what you like, how you take your coffee, that you do want two slices of cake and not made to feel guilty about enjoying food.

The guy who knows what makes you happy and goes all out to make your time together a happy one, no drama.

The guy who gives you his time and attention. When he talks to you his focus is totally on you and not looking around the bar, who doesn’t mess with his phone whilst out on a date with you.

The guy who makes an effort with your friends and family. Who doesn’t have a problem attending social events with you and lets you down at the last minute. He will want to know your best friend and be enthralled by the stories you both tell of things you have got up to and laugh at your funny escapades.

The guy who will always be honest with you even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. Who is careful with your feelings. He won’t lie to you as he knows that is a toxic behavior and one that has caused you so much damage in the past.

The guy that hates to fight with you, but accepts fighting is a healthy part of a relationship as long as the fight doesn’t go too far. He will do want he can to make it right between you after the fight.

The guy who will never let you go to bed crying because of him!

The guy who will be your biggest supporter and encourage you to grow and not hold you back.

The guy who makes forever love a possibility.

He is no doormat, no one to walk over just because he shows these traits, he is just a really nice guy who genuinely wants you to be happy as that makes him happy and a happy couple makes for a happy future.

Forever scares a lot of us. So be sure to date a guy who’s looking for forever too.