Illustrations By The LA Artist Yaoyao Ma Van That Show Living Alone Can Be A Great Experience

We all search for our own happiness, some of us find that with a partner and the rest of us find happiness and peace by spending time alone.

The LA-based artists Yaoyao Ma Van lives alone and she enjoys every moment of it, so much so that she creates colorful illustrations showing just how amazing the ‘living alone’ life can be.

Dancing Without a Care In The World

Never worry what other people think of you, do whatever makes you happy!

Here, Yaoyao Ma Van shows that she dances like no one is watching her and in fact, there is no one watching her except her beloved dog.

Marking Your Territory

Just like a dog, Yaoyao Ma Van marks her territory.

Yaoyao Ma Van does it with her broken hair and she doesn’t care if they look bad on the wall or not.

Binge Eating Whenever Your Heart Wants It

We all have moments in time when we binge eat.

Yaoyao Ma Van enjoys her time by binge-eating and binge-watching her favorite shows. Apparently, she loves to “Netflix and chill.”

Being Clumsy

When you are living alone, you are free to do anything you like.

There is no one to judge you! Yaoyao Ma Van knows that being a little awkward won’t hurt anyone.

Having an Amazing Party By Yourself

Do you like to party? Living alone gives you the freedom to enjoy your own party anytime you like.

You can wear weird clothes and do crazy things, such as you can be your own DJ, bartender, and dance like crazy all night.

Enjoying Quality “Me” Time

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you can’t beat “me” time.

Yaoyao Ma Van loves a lot of things about living alone and one of those things is how she spends some time that is dedicated just for her.

Enjoying Peace and Calmness in Life

Life is way too hectic at times that drains us to the point where most of us are unable to enjoy even a few moments of peacefulness in our lives.

Yaoyao Ma Van perfectly illustrates how living alone can let you enjoy life without any limitation.

Taking Long Relaxing Baths

When you are living with someone or sharing your apartment, it can become tough to get a relaxing bath.

Yaoyao Ma Van shows that living alone gives you the ultimate freedom to be in your bathtub for as long as you want.

Let The Hair Be Everywhere

Living alone gives you the freedom to not worry about your broken hair and let’s face it that stuff gets everywhere!

Broken hair can cause a mess, but you don’t need to worry because you are answerable to no one.

To Rest, Relax and Do Nothing

Did you know that it is good for your health if you sometimes just take a day off?

Yaoyao Ma Van wants to live a stress-free life and sometimes she also spends all day without doing anything.

A Perfect Escape From Life Problems

Yaoyao Ma Van shows here that getting away from life problems from time to time and forgetting about them is important for your wellbeing.

As most of us tend to keep on worrying about our problems, Yaoyao Ma Van highlights the importance of staying alone and reading books to escape from reality.

Freedom to Work Whenever You Want

If you live alone and also have the awesome luck of working from home, you can make the best of this freedom.

Yaoyao Ma Van shows how you can make your own schedule and work on a time that suits you best. You will instantly fall in love with this freedom as not many people in the world have it.

Having Fun With Your Dog

Living with a dog is a truly special experience. It is a ride filled with so many “Awww” moments and so many hugs and kisses.

Yaoyao Ma Van created plenty of color illustration to show how much fun it is playing with her pup. Pets are like antidepressants.

Enjoying The Rain with a Hot Cup of Tea

Some people enjoy the rain, it gives them a sense of peace.

Yaoyao Ma Van enjoys the rain by sitting by the window and sipping a cup of tea. It makes her feel relaxed and the sound of raindrops calms her mind.

No More Midnight Cravings

When you live with someone, you have to be extra careful that you don’t wake someone up when hitting the fridge late at night.

Here, Yaoyao Ma Van shows that living alone gives her the freedom to eat whenever she feels like it and there is no one judging her.

Enjoying Little, Pointless Things

Our busy lives have deprived us of enjoying ourselves. We no longer enjoy things that hold little value.

Yaoyao Ma Van highlights that living alone makes her enjoy the smallest of things and she has started to value them.

Cuddling and Taking Naps with Your Furry Friend

Any dog owner can confirm that cuddling and taking a nap with a dog is fantastic.

Dogs are so friendly, loving, and gentle that they’ll even lay still to make sure you don’t get disturbed.

Treating Yourself with Lots of Cookies

Another perk of living alone is that you won’t have to share your favorite things with others.

Yaoyao Ma Van feels so blessed that she can treat herself to a whole batch of cookies on any given day.

Work However You Like

People who work from home can’t stop saying how much they like the freedom of their work routine.

Another thing is that they can work either sitting on the terrace or near the pet. This freedom is priceless.

Enjoying Carefree Walks

Going for walks has always been associated with peace of mind.

Do try what Yaoyao Ma Van likes to do every morning. She goes for walks with her dog and just enjoys the calmness and beautiful nature around her.

Mediate without Any Interferences

People who seek calmness in their lives make huge claims that mediation helped them a lot. It is true.

Mediation requires an environment where there is peace. Living alone provides that tranquillity which is perfect for meditation.

Waking Up With The Sun and Enjoying The Morning

The modern lifestyle has made it almost impossible for most people to wake up early in the morning.

Yaoyao Ma Van loves to wake up with the sun and enjoy the pleasant morning with a cup of tea.

Ample Room to Stretch

It is great to go out in the morning to walk and stretch, but you can do it indoors as well.

It is almost comical that when you do stretches dogs either look confused or even copy you.

Dreaming on a Rainy Day

Yaoyao Ma Van isn’t shy about letting the world know that she daydreams a lot.

In fact, Yaoyao Ma Van illustrated how she dreams on a rainy day about finding a caring and loving ‘someone’.

Not Losing Sight of Your Puppy

All dog owners can easily relate to this accurate illustration.

After all, dogs never want to leave you, even when you’re taking a bath. Yaoyao Ma Van adores this aspect as well.

There Are No Fine Dining Rules

It is your house and you make the rules!

Yaoyao Ma Van lives alone, she knows how to make rules that favor both her and the dog.

Getting Ready in the Morning Becomes Less Hectic

As there is no one else living with her, Yaoyao Ma Van takes her time to get ready.

There is no one waiting for her to get out of the shower, and she does everything at her speed.

No Worry Even If You Take Hours to Get Ready

When you live alone, you get ready at your speed. You can even take hours to find the suit that looks good on you.

When you live alone, you get ready at your speed. You can even take hours to find the suit that looks good on you.

Cleaning The Home Becomes a Fun Activity

Most people hate to clean the house!

Yaoyao Ma Van likes to make it fun by doing it whenever she feels “it is time to clean the house.”

Laundry Can Wait

Living with someone tends to make you keep up to date with the laundry.

Yaoyao Ma Van does her laundry when she wants to and her dog is more than happy to help with the sorting.

Your Dog Becomes Your Alarm Clock

It is such a cute alarm clock, right?

The call of nature for her beloved dog is a guaranteed cute wake-up call.

Forgetting Your Troubles with Candles

The warmth of candles burning in the bathroom gives Yaoyao Ma Van a cozy feeling.

Yaoyao Ma Van says the scent of rose petals makes her forget about her troubles. She loves every second she spends in there.

Refreshing Morning Walks

The artist doesn’t spend all the time indoors with her dog.

Yaoyao Ma Van likes to go out in the morning and absorbs the freshness and calmness in the air.

Working on Fitness and Flexibility

Yaoyao Ma Van works on her fitness and flexibility every morning after coming back from the refreshing walk.

Her dog assists her in the walk, but he prefers to watch her as she stretches her body.

Cooking Different Dishes

Yaoyao Ma Van loves to cook different dishes and she finds tons of recipes on the internet.

Only Yaoyao Ma Van knows how good her cooking is, but we know for sure that she doesn’t care a lot about the mess that she creates while cooking.

Letting Out The Inner Artist

As Yaoyao Ma Van lives alone, she doesn’t find anything that holds her back from doing what her heart desires.

The freedom and peace from living alone enable her to release the inner artist in her.

Not Leaving Your Pup Ever

In your house, your only real companion is your pet and in her case, it is the cutest dog.

Yaoyao Ma Van can’t ever leave him and she loves staying close to her dog and that is one of the biggest reasons why she loves living alone.