I’m Not The Woman I Used To Be And That’s More Than Okay

Time changes, people change and with every passing year, things become more and more different. Some changes are slow so they are not always easily noticeable, but with time, everyone changes. Change is good for you and it is inevitable.

You continuously grow and change. In fact, you are not the same woman you were a minute ago. It is okay to realize there is a change in yourself. Everyone changes with time and it is okay to change. You are supposed to change with time without change, there is no growth. It’s important to learn to accept change.

When time passes, you start to realize this is how destiny planned it. This is how it was meant to be. Things start to change and once they change you realize it is for the better. It is not always easy to accept and embrace the change, but change is inevitable.

At times we stay stuck in our pasts, and then we’re stuck, no change causes you to stay down. It holds you back from your future. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

We learn from our surroundings. Environment teaches us a lot. This type of learning is beautiful.

With time I have decided that I want to show my emotions. It helps you learn and it helps you change. Things should not be kept inside. Keeping things inside cause you damage inside. And trust me it will be a lot of damage.

I now know how to not let anyone stand on you. I know I am not answerable to anyone. But that does not mean that I should start feeling proud. Be down to earth but not this much down that people walk over you.

Heartbreaks heal. We think our broken heart will never mend but it does. We must know that there’s always a lesson to learn, one meant to change us. Be it from others’ stories, situations we face, people or even from things around us.

Things do not always happen the way we plan. We do not plan to have a failed relationship. We do not want to get hurt. We do not want to get hurt by any means. Sometimes when you’re hurt, in time you’ll be happier than ever, that’s just how life is. It takes time to learn that.

Things that we all go through makes us strong and teaches us. This is what happened with me too.

I am now a risk taker. I am more empowered. I have grown with time. Things scare me sometimes, but at the same time, I learn about myself. I learn my skills and what I’m capable of.

Do not run away from things. Learn from them.

Learn to rise after the fall. Live your life.

I live life as best as I can. Life has made me who I am today. Things have changed and so have I. I am more humble but also proud of what I have accomplished. Change has made me grow.