Introverts Have A Certain Way That They Know Who Are ‘Their People’

Introverts never stop thinking. They are amazing people-watchers too. They miss nothing!

They spend their time working out whether someone is worth getting to know, as one of their pet hates is a time-waster.

They are not going to open up to someone who has no staying power and leave as quickly as they came into their lives.

They are excellent judges of character.

They are the slow ones in life. Slow and steady is their motto.

They don’t like talking to strangers and don’t like to be touched by a stranger even more.

They are looking for someone to have a deep connection with, as only when they know an emotional bond can be had will they even consider going the next step.

They take a long time to open up, but once they do, they give you their all, they trust you with their body, heart and soul.

Introverts are great writers, they prefer to express themselves this way, so sending them a good morning text to wake up to will make their day. Sending them letters, emails even little love notes will make for a very happy introvert.

Once they are committed to you, you will find they will talk for hours, you will have their complete trust because they picked you.

Introverts are old souls. They enjoy spending their time reading, watching a movie, napping or walking their dogs. You won’t find them involved in the party scene, that is, in fact, their idea of a nightmare.

Introverts tend to look for someone similar to themselves. So, an ideal date night for both would be cuddling up on the sofa watching movies. They only date people that they feel 100% comfortable with. These are the people who can sit side by side in silence and it is not awkward one bit.

Introverts make excellent partners, they have the gift for making the surroundings peaceful and are good listeners too.

When an introvert falls in love with you, consider yourself the richest person in the world as they will never betray your love and trust.

Introverts dislike most people, so you have no worries about them going off with another person. They avoid toxic situations at all cost, they don’t believe in behaving out of character just to fit in. They are who they are and what you see is what you get.

As far as an introvert is concerned once they’ve found someone special, they’ve found their forever person.