Is Your Relationship Really Love Or Are You Emotionally Dependent?

Did you ever fall in love with a person, so much that it almost felt like a real-life fairy tail but later you found out that your “Mr. Right” isn’t the person you anticipated? Didn’t you try to find out who your partner really is? Did you always seek validation from them? Sometimes, we feel as though we are looking for love when in reality, we seek appreciation from other people.

Here are 20 signs which show that you are not in love, rather, you require emotional uplifting and approval. These signs are important to know if you want to find out whether or not your current relationship is healthy for you.

Your feelings and affection for your lover have made you neglect your persona and overall nature in general. You need to be reminded over and over again that your loved one is romantically interested in you.

Knowing your beloved’s true nature doesn’t matter as long as you know he/she is the perfect one for you. You are fine with them not showing their true self to you or other people.

You have developed a different taste in your leisure activities, sports, interests, religion only because the person you “love” doesn’t approve of them.

Forcing your partner to try certain things that they don’t necessarily like doing.

When you’re with your beloved, you feel safe and happy, but once they leave, you feel down sad and bored.

You get worked up and feel envious if your partner is spending time with people other than you.

You feel neglected and start getting weird ideas about your partner if they forget to pick up your call or text you back.

You are afraid that your beloved will attract the attention of the opposite sex, so you become severely overprotective about them.

You tend to cancel personal family gatherings, a catch-up with an old best friend from high school, etc. because you want all the time you can have with your lover, even if it means ditching your family plans

You trust the opinion of your loved one about yourself more than your own.

You have a perception of an ideal soulmate in your head and you want your lover to be the same person. If not, then you feel like you are not getting enough affection.

You surrender to the pressure coming from your partner to do things you don’t want to do.

Your self-esteem and your worth are dependent on your lover’s opinion about yourself.

Whenever you dress up nice, you want your beloved to compliment you. When your partner compliments you, only then, you will feel happy.

You daydream about the ideal version of your loved one, but you eventually get disgusted with them if they don’t meet your expectations.

You are sure that you can mold your lover’s character and their habits and transform them into the perfect person, you have envisioned in your mind.

The relationship is drifting you or your partner away from things which you honestly enjoy doing.

If you somehow break up with your lover, you will feel stagnant and will not be able to move further. You will feel stuck where they left you.

You want to be dominant over your significant other, if they don’t allow you, then you feel taken aback. When two people love each other, they have to respect their personal space, their likes and dislikes and should work about things that cause a rift between them. This makes a relationship stronger and healthy.

If you find that you are stuck in an emotionally dependent relationship, it is most likely that you don’t know yourself much. That’s why you seek approval and validation from another person. The right thing to do in this case is to spend time with yourself and go on a self-discovery journey. Knowing yourself and embracing it makes you capable of going after what you want in life.