Leo – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

Being recognised and admired are high on your list this year. If a colleague has been stealing the limelight or getting praise for your ideas, you’re determined to turn things around.

Any self-doubters or shyness should disappear with Mars in your zone of confidence from 3rd January until the second half of February.

The ability to add some swagger to your every move doesn’t stop there. Venus moves into a fellow fire sign on 8th February and you are at your most daring, ready to take on tasks that stretch you but also help you prove yourself, which you will do more easily than you expect.

Just don’t sign any agreements between mid-May and the end of June when Venus is reversing in your zone of organisations.

Overall, your wealth is building slowly but surely in 2020. You’re spotting ways to add to your bank balance in March and April, and extra pennies gathered here and there soon add up. August and October should bring little windfalls that happen thanks to coincidences rather than your own efforts.

Love and Friendship

Promises and proposals are coming at you thick and fast in 2020. It all starts off light and breezy enough in January when you could be tempted to flirt outrageously or kiss and tell.

Matter of the heart are fun, fun, fun, plus fresh faces are appearing in and around your circle. For those attached, one of them could be a confidante, while for singles they’re wing woman material and you could work together like a double act when you’re chatted up.

Around Valentine’s Day, lovers, suitors and friends are taking you on exciting adventures and life is richer and fuller. Romance is firmly back in the frame in April and predicted to add some sugar and spice to your routine.

Home and Family

If Christmas presents have left your house brimming with extra stuff, the start of the year is an excellent time for a spring clean as the planets gather in your zone or order.

Less is also more for you in April when Jupiter and Pluto could even turn you into a minimalist. This gives you the ability to prominently display your most beautiful possessions. Once they stand out more, these can become talking points that lead to interesting conversations and possibly even an offer around the full Moon in May.

Family members are flying high in November and you could be celebrating a win or promotion. If you are looking to relocate, a home move could be discussed or approved in the same month making a busy end of year.

The Eclipse Effect

The same old, same old, is not for you! Even the activities and places you’ve loved or visited for years could be about to lose favor. There are two eclipses in 2020 making waves in your sone of risks and excitement. Prepare to venture to far-flung places, hear about things that turn your spiritual beliefs on their head and get set to embrace a higher education course or to take up a daredevil hobby. All this could send ripples through your world thanks to the lunar eclipse on 5th June and the solar eclipse on 14th December, so put those dates in your diary.

Affirmation for 2020

Use this to help keep your year on track.

‘This is my year to spread my wings and do new things. I keep lots of projects on the go to maximise my chances, enabling the cosmos to show me more and better ways of advancing.’

Credit to Rosalie Jones