Libra – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

No matter how you try to push it down, one wish or desire keeps springing back into your mind in February.

Whether it is a dream job, a new car or a once in a lifetime vacation, this can be your year to get all your ducks in a row, when you involve your clan in your plans.

Call on those you are related to overseas, those who are working for companies who can put a word in for you, help you with your resume or get you a discount. In general, it’s those you know well get you what you want and where you want to be.

Yes, this involves calling in favors which you are better at giving out than receiving but that is a lesson in itself.

Jupiter and Pluto are urging you to work on that in April, June, and November as you get closer to the finishing line. A family win or windfall is most likely in March and October when Venus and Jupiter link.

Love and Friendship

Compromise has always been your strong point, but in 2020 you are itching to have things your way with one-to-one relationships.

Libra is the sign of keeping all the people happy as much of the time as possible, but in February and even more so in July you will want to be top dog.

As you ruler, Venus, retrogrades between mid-May to late June, you and a partner are finding new ways to please each other, while singles have the chance to date a candidate who can read them like a book. It’s a funny and spooky experience even if they aren’t for you.

With sparky Mercury in your sign for most of September, discussions put an ambitious plan on the table for couples. As Mars reverses in your relationship zone, those still looking for love in the Fall, on the other hand, could hook up again with someone they met back in Spring and click the second time around. All in all, love matters add plenty of zest this year.

Home and Family

Home is the hub of pretty much all your actions this year, so make it functional and cozy. Mars should help you get the practical stuff out of the way in March, while you can spruce up without going over budget in April.

Your house is a place of progress as well as joy, it’s where ideas spring from and research is done that helps you realize your desires, so don’t worry if you are spending more time in than out.

Your nearest and dearest are also set to excel in 2020, although perhaps not in the direction you had imagined.

A house move that takes you closer to people who are deeply important to you is on the cards this year too, as long as you keep chipping away at it.

The Eclipse Effect

Of this year’s six eclipses, the one that brings you your biggest boost is on 30th November because it supercharges your zone of learning and adventure. Under the light of the eclipse, something you worked towards earlier in the year should come to fruition. Expect to achieve your biggest goal, or at the very least to take a huge leap towards it. Once you’re given the green light with a plan, ride the crest of this wave to your bliss and destiny. A new subject also grabs your interest and promises spiritual fulfillment.

Affirmation for 2020

Use this to draw love, luck, and abundance to you;

‘Money may not grow on trees, but evermore is drawn to me as I visualize great prosperity. I say, “That will be mine” when I see something I find divine, and by the year’s end I will have feathered my nest beautifully.’

Credit to Rosalie Jones