Lockdown Boredom Getting To You? Try These Six Brain Teasers For Some Light Relief

With so many people having to remain at home, with the best will in the world boredom for some is a daily battle.

There’s only so much cleaning you can do and scrolling through Netflix is fast becoming a chore.

Personal interaction is one of the biggest issues faced by some who live alone or are getting tired of only having their partner to talk to or children who are proving a challenge to keep entertained.

The British Soft Furnishing company Plumbs has some brain teasers to help you pass the time.

Find the chopsticks in the takeaway

Find the crayon in the floral wallpaper

Find the dog on the video call

Find the Marigold gloves in the marigolds

Find the TV remote in the sofas

Find the USB stick in the makeshift home office

You could make this a challenge with your family at home or with friends over a video call with virtual prizes for those that solve the puzzles first.