Love Language To Get Your Head Around That Sound Bizarre But Are Becoming Common Terms When Dating

We are all familiar with the term ghosting and perhaps breadcrumbing and benching, but it appears there are way more terms in connection with dating than previously thought.

The dating app Plenty of Fish did a survey on people’s experiences whilst dating and the language of ‘love’ to find that an unknown dictionary of common phrases was emerging.


A friendlier form of Ghosting you usually get an indication that things are not going well and they suddenly stop contacting you and you knew that was coming.


This term has come out of the TV show Fleabag and the Phoebe Waller-Bridge countless dating disasters. Its reference is to women who constantly pick the wrong man.


The modern-day term for being stood up, you have pulled out all the stops to look amazing on your first date and the only one who turns up is you! HEAD AROUND


When a potential match sends you loads of messages showing interest, flirty and non-committal.


Those that like to be single but don’t like spending the winter months alone so pair up for the winter for cozy nights in.


You/They have followed each other for a long time of social media, liking each other’s posts but not taking it any further for fear of rejection.


When someone is constantly changing their social media profile pictures with statements that run along the lines of a dating profile.


Most people know this one but ‘POF’ discovered the acronym for making a relationship “Facebook official” was used as an update on dating profiles.


They just disappear without telling you they no longer wish to see you, absolute cowards and savage to boot.


So your Ghoster disappeared but is still on say your Facebook friends list and suddenly you notice them liking your posts.


When multi-partner dating you are a backup until someone better comes along.


Moving from one relationship to another with no break in between, like a monkey swinging from tree to tree.


Going all out for a glamorous photo session for your social media, it looks like it was for a night out, except you’ve gone nowhere, but the idea is to grab people’s attention, just like a peacock who displays its tail feathers to attract a mate.


A slow long drawn out fading of contact can go on for months until one day they just stop replying to you.


Winter is over, no more cozy nights in, so they ditch you and go off looking for some summer loving which you are not viewed as a potential partner.


When that damn coward Ghosters starts to communicate again totally out of the blue, it’s like they have been resurrected from the dead.


The first few months of dating are well known as the ‘Honeymoon period’. Then you run into some problems like all couples do, most work through them, a flashplanner just can’t be bothered and leaves when things get tough.

Yellow Carding

Just as it implies it is a warning card, it’s not the red card but you are letting your partner know you don’t like something in their behavior.


When the person you are dating ex contacts you over social media, this refers to your partner’s skeletons coming out of the cupboard.


This is when your ex contacts you out of the blue asking for you to do something for them, and they can’t understand why you don’t want anything to do with them.

I got brain ache writing this so good luck if you are having to live this IRL!