Man Builds Dream Home So He Can Fish From Inside His Living Room

If you know anyone who enjoys fishing you with also know they take fishing very seriously.

True enthusiasts have a kit that can blow people’s minds. You’ll find various hooks to choose from, weird and wonderful looking weights, various types of rods with hefty reels, they have checked the weather and can tell you exactly which fishing hole is the best to use at particular times of the year.

What you may think of as a day out with a picnic and some beer, is a very serious mission for your fisherman or woman friend.

Paul Philips from Oaklahoma takes fishing very seriously, so much so he decided to build his dream home in the middle of a pond so he can practice his favorite hobby anytime.

He loves fishing, so when designing his home he made sure it included a trap door in his living room so he can sit on his couch and fish to his heart content.

He used to fish at Oologah lake which was a 50-minute drive away, and when he was told he couldn’t fish in a certain spot he decided to make his own fishing hole.

“I can sit here, watch TV, watch a ballgame or watch the news and fish all at the same time,” says Paul.

He built his perfect home in Skiatook and the pond is a private one.

From the outside, the house looks like all the other regular wooden cabin, so the secret trap door comes as a huge surprise to anyone who visits his home.

When Paul started building his home, the neighbors got curious and even the media visited him to make a news report.

Paul says that he loves fishing so much, that he wants to spend every day doing this but wanted to be able to enjoy this activity without having to leave the house.

He installed ductwork that goes down into the water about a foot so even in the winter the cold air can’t come up through the floor.

Inside his home, there’s a kitchen, a big living room, a fireplace, and a nicely furnished bedroom, and upstairs there’s a couple more bedrooms and a bath.

Sounds like a perfect set up doesn’t it?