Manipulative People Are Experts At Emotional Abuse

We all know how difficult it is to identify a person who is borderline manipulative, narcissistic, emotionally and psychologically abusing. If you have never been in a relationship with this kind of a person in your life, then it’s going to be very hard for you to identify this person. When you are romantically involved with a manipulative person, they have the ability to fool you with their “perfect” self. They can mesmerize you with their fake charming personality. They will play with your mind until you lose all sense that your partner is potentially hurting, mistreating and lying to you. Manipulative and psychologically abusive people want to steer your emotions in their way, so they can have the upper hand.

To save yourself from the turmoil, look out for these 10 signs of emotional and psychological abuse.

Trying to drive you crazy

Manipulators will use every tact they know to drive you crazy and leave your mind disordered. The main purpose of all this manipulation is to defeat your ability to think straight and defend yourself in a certain situation.


Emotional abusers act like the superior in a relationship. They will not even listen to what you have to say. They will immediately dismiss any ideas or suggestions you give about something. They will seem least interested in doing things that you like. They only look out for themselves.


Emotional game players will never make you feel special. They will always forget to do things that you expect from them. They will never help you in daily chores, they will often forget special dates that mean a lot to you and they all do this to make you feel like dirt and to make you realize that they are superior and the decision makers in the relationship.

Blaming and accusing

Abusive people love to play the blame game with you. They will take advantage of any chance they get, to put the blame on you, even if you didn’t do anything wrong. They will always make you feel like you are at fault all the time.


Pathologic liars will never admit that they are abusing you. They will always hold you responsible for overreacting. Because of this manipulation, you will begin to feel as though you are actually wrong and that everything they say, is right. 

Punishing by withholding 

In any relationship, the key to success is communication. Lack of communication will lead to terrible endings. Manipulative people will never converse with you. They prefer to be mute during crucial times of a relationship.


Emotional abusers will deny your point of view every time. They will keep disrupting your ideas, thoughts and values until you change them according to their liking. This is a huge sign that you are being emotionally mistreated.

Diverting and blocking

Manipulative people don’t like to come to terms with their problems. They do everything they can, to avoid conversation which could be causing problems in your relationship with them. They will steer the conversation so much, that you will lose your attention on the problem being discussed.

Criticizing and judging

Psychological manipulators love to give their opinion about you, even if it is harsh and unkind. They are not considerate in their selection of words and they feel that criticizing you is “beneficial” for you, when in reality, it lowers your self-esteem and you highly doubt your worth.

Disparaging humor

One thing that emotional manipulators are bad at, is making a joke. Their humor is more disgusting than it is funny. They will put you down, humiliate and ridicule you, for the sake of humor. They will make you feel bad about yourself and you will be unable to confront them because you don’t want to create drama.