Marijuana Is Now Legal In 33 States And According To Research It Is Amazing For Pain Relief And Even Better It Can Be Purchased As Gum

The National Conference of State Legislature (NCSL) has confirmed that millions of people will be able to find relief from their chronic pain naturally by using Marijuana, which is now legal in 33 states for medical reasons.

To find out if your state has passed a bill for medical use click here

The scientists found when doing a medical marijuana study that inhaling marijuana vapours at least three times a day relieves the pain in some patients and that can only be a good thing.

During the study, those that took part were split into two groups, those that received marijuana and those that received a placebo.

Those that did receive marijuana only a few complained of dry eyes, numbness, a slight cough and mild headaches.

Marijuana is available as capsules and oil and is often prescribed to those with cancer to assist with relieving their nausea and pain.

Other conditions it can help are:






Multiple Sclerosis


Period pain

To name but a few.

So, what makes cannabis this efficient?

The Cannabinoids found in marijuana binds itself to the Endocannabinoids which are naturally produced in our bodies and in doing so triggers a chain reaction in our bodies and blocks our pain receptors.

When used in its capsule form, the body metabolizes 90% into the liver before it can have an overall impact on our bodies, with this in mind the scientists produced a Cannabis gum as this works differently on our bodies with fewer side effects.

The gum delivers a lower dose of cannabis to those that use it and relieves the pain faster than if taken as a capsule or oil.

There is already a market for the cannabis gum it’s as simple as Googling a supplier in your country (if legal) and placing your order.

This is a great step forward for pain relief and all natural to boot, you can’t ask more than that right?