Men Reveal Some Of The Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Bed!

Listen up ladies the men have been asked what mistakes we make so it is only right we take on board what they have to say.

Reddit posed the question Men of Reddit. What are some mistakes women make during sex? and so far, there have been more than 15,000 responses, so it seems it’s a question that has merit.

Some of the biggest mistakes are ‘wrong angles’ ‘treating their balls as stress balls’ and ‘the constant yodeling’.

No one person is the same between the sheets, and unless you are used to each other stop expecting someone to know what you like between the sheets.

The men are raising the point of ‘if you don’t tell us, we don’t know when we are doing something wrong’, and obviously vice versa, the general consensus is ladies please be more gentle, but enthusiastic, action with less noise and they really are not bothered about body hang-ups.

Responding to the thread, one guy said: “Don’t expect him to know what you want him to do without any hints or help.”

Another advised: “When you’re giving a handjob, you’re not milking a cow don’t death grip it.”

A third said: “You ever have a girl up on top come down wrong and bend your d*** in half? Because I have.”

This man added: “The constant yodeling.”

Someone else thought: “Ever been with a girl that just lays there? Yea that.”

This guy advised: “The correct speed of a handjob is not, and never has been, 4000 RPM.”

Somebody else added: “Don’t be afraid to tell us what you want. If you don’t feel anything in a certain position or angle of insertion, let us know and switch it up.

“It has the added benefit of extending our stamina when switching positions.”

Another man said: “Not exactly during but expecting guys to always initiate. Want your guy to feel desirable?

“Don’t want your guy to worry that you’re just sleeping with him every now and then to shut him up? Jump his bones.”

This guy thought: “The assumption that just because they’re there we should be rock hard… we need some warming up as well sometimes.”

While this man assured: “Acting self-conscious about their body. If we are there, and clothes are coming off, whatever flaws you have are likely irrelevant to us.”

And this man suggested: “Noises. Don’t try and emulate the s*** girls sound like in porn.

“I’d rather a girl be whispering and real than obnoxiously loud for my pleasure.

“Make whatever sounds are natural, I mute porn for a reason.”

And one of the biggest mistakes as far as they are concerned is;

‘My balls are not stress toys, please don’t squeeze them so hard!

Well, ladies, the men have spoken!