Mentally Strong People Have These Behaviors In A Relationship

Relationships take effort a lot of effort, patience and time to breathe together as well as independently for it to be healthy.

Relationships can at times be emotionally exhausting and we need moments of reflection to find out why that is.

Mentally strong people do appear to find relationships less of a challenge or struggle and this could be why;

They don’t over-analyse every little thing

They don’t look for a hidden meaning behind every word that is said, they find doing so pointless and a waste of their energy.

Don’t be fooled by this though, if you become passive aggressive, they will pick you up on it fast.

They don’t feel their partners complete them

We’ve all seen those meme’s saying ‘he/she completes me’ Ummm no you don’t need someone to complete you, you complete you and strong people know this.

They do tend to work on improving themselves first and being who they want to be before getting into relationships, perhaps that’s why they are so successful at them.

They don’t live in the past

They let shit go it’s that simple.

They won’t waste time thinking of past relationships, they are where they need to be in the past.

They are living in the here and now, its something we could all do more of.

They don’t look up to other people’s relationships

They are not interested in what your best friends’ relationship is doing, they are interested in how you two are doing and that’s it.

They’re not being rude or ignorant, they just feel its more important to live in the now about you two.

They respect their partners

Respect is a huge thing in a relationship.

Lack of respect can lead to negative behavior and thinking, and mentally strong people have little time or patience for that.

For the relationship to function in a good way respect has to be given, but they are realistic enough to know it has to be earned too.

They keep the communication on a high level

Mentally strong people that communication will always play a major role in any relationship.

They believe good communication will lead to a happy long-term relationship and quite frankly they are right.

Lack of communication in a relationship is no relationship at all.  

They don’t stand ‘unhealthy’ relationships

Mentally strong people will never just stay in a relationship for the sake of having a relationship.

If they feel nothing can be done to improve things and it’s just a never-ending wave of moments that make you both miserable, they will be the ones to end it.

They have invested time in you, but if the relationship has run its course then that is it as far as they are concerned.

To be honest, I really admire their strength and ability to be like this, perhaps I should try to be more like them!