Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Limited Edition, Pineapple Mandarin

One of the things to love about summer is all the awesome seasonal drinks that are released by our favorite brands.

From delicious wine pops to a wide range of alco-pops that fly off the shelves at great speed as they are the perfect beverage for BBQ nights.

Summer is always about fruity flavors

There are always new and crazy combinations available for the summer season and Mike’s Hard Lemonade has not disappointed us this year with a delicious combination of pineapple and mandarin.

Perfection from Mike’s just as have come to expect

Mike’s has been around for decades, think back to high school days when these bad boys were our cheeky secret stash for getting wasted and not really having the tell-tale boozy breath when we got home, right?

5% ABV

Now we are older it’s not going to get us wasted like our youth as now we can tolerate much higher ABV, but this is a nice easy drink that you can get a little buzz from whilst spending a relaxing evening with friends.

Limited edition

It won’t be around for long, just the summer and then it will be gone, unless it proves to be so popular, they would be crazy not to continue it, so get adding it to your grocery list, kick back and enjoy.