Misty Loman – The Facts Behind The Pictures That Went Viral

Earlier this year Wisconsin sheriff, Adam Bieber posted a series of mugshots of a Kentucky woman called Misty Loman as a warning about the dangers of using meth and the addiction.  The post soon went viral along with many comments that can only be called cruel in nature.

Very quickly the internet was full of meme’s regarding this woman which garnered thousands upon thousands of shares and comments. The sheriff’s post had over 36K shares alone!


It didn’t help matters that Misty was further scrutinized by reports that she was arrested and present in Warren County courtroom allegedly intoxicated! She was charged with public intoxication, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia as a result.

A search of her purse turned up a small bag of what is suspected to be meth. Loman denied the charges, claiming the substance was crushed Zofran, a medication to prevent nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Which poses the question was what we saw earlier this year the truth, some of the truth or in fact misleading and a cruel use of someone’s misfortune which turned this woman into a poster girl for drug addiction.

Who Is Misty Loman?

Misty Dawn Loman, 40, is from Bowling Green, Kentucky. She also occasionally goes by her married name, Misty Glass.

Misty is a mother to at least two sons, Corey and Jacob, with her husband, Gary Glass Jr. It’s unknown if she’s still married; however, she clearly adores her sons which can be seen from her Facebook activity.

Yes, Misty does has a drug addiction which she has been battling for years and it is this that has led to her numerous arrests.

But what was missing from the information that was posted earlier this year is that Misty and her husband have lost 3 children in the past.

One of her children was stillborn. When she was pregnant with twins, one died in the womb and the other died less than a month after it was born. None of the children’s deaths was drug-related.

In addition to the loss of her children, Misty is battling life-threatening illnesses along with her addiction struggles and trying to be a mother to her two surviving children.

Misty Loman’s Condition Is Reportedly Related to Cancer and Other Factors

Misty is suffering from lupus, bone cancer and scleroderma facts sorely missing before!

The Chemotherapy for the cancer is what caused her hair to fall out and if you think back to earlier in this article when Misty clearly stated the crushed medication, she was found in possession of was for nausea, one of the side effects of chemotherapy.

Then add in the Lupus and Scleroderma condition which leaves connective tissues hardened this explains a long way to why she looked like she did.

No one is disputing Misty had a drug addiction, what the issue is that her full circumstances were never explained.

Misty has many supporters standing up for her and leaving many messages of support on Facebook pages that were set up to defend her and inform people all was not as it was portrayed by the sheriff. One of them, Lee Ann Colley Maples, has criticized news reports and Sheriff Bieber for not researching Loman’s story before sharing the mugshots.

Misty’s mother, Joan Smith, has expressed her gratitude to Maples in the comments of her posts, appearing to confirm that it is indeed true.

Misty has come a long way from those original pictures, she is warrior strong fighting through her conditions and I for one would like to see that go viral and for her to be seen as a person and not a stream of memes with no fact-checking behind them