Narcissists Are Experts At Playing Mind Games

Narcissists, otherwise known as the people who penetrate under your skin and suck you dry of all your soul, leaving an empty dark vessel. The worst part is that they won’t stop until you force them to. Narcissists are egocentric, controlling and obsessed with themselves with little to no sensitivity in their soul. They play with you like a puppet and use you to succeed in the world. Narcissists are master manipulators. They will trap you in their web of lies. You become victimized in their games and they play off really well. When you try to run away from them, they inflict pain on you. Here are 7 cruel mind games narcissists play on you.

They will continue their manipulative game:

Change is something which a narcissist never comes across. You are just one of the many victims a narcissist will play with. After the narcissistic person is done with you, they will discard you hunt for the next best victim. They are selfish in their case as well and they don’t realize that they are ruining their own lives in the process as well.

They will use gaslighting:

Once you start feeling you are good enough, this is where narcissists will ignite the fire further. They will make you feel even more down. They will make you stagnant and you will start to doubt yourself and your decisions. Basically, they will sabotage your mindset altogether.

They will mask their true nature:

Just like the color changing chameleons, narcissists hide their actual motives. They hide their devilish thorns behind an expression that can easily manipulate you. They make sure that their game face never fails to make their mark.

They will make you feel ashamed:

If you ever be honest with a narcissist, they will expose your deepest, darkest secrets out to the world and make you feel inferior for the rest of your life.

They will idealize, devalue and discard you:

There are 3 phases of your relationship with a narcissist. First, the idealization: where you will be the pivotal person in their life, they will love everything about you and they will never stop complimenting you. Second, is the devaluing: where they will start revealing their real identity and drain your energy little by little, by comparison, critique, etc. the final stage, discarding: is when they will leave you, but not so easily; they will scar your memories forever by their actions, their manipulation, their bittersweet lies and then dump you like a piece of garbage. They will leave you dismantled and in a state of denial, while they will laugh at your situation the entire time.

They will make you compete for their affection:

Narcissists know how to gain attention. They love to play with the feelings of others. In overcoming a problematic situation, a narcissist will bring enough evidence to the table, right or wrong, to make you back off. That’s how narcissists gain support from other people and make you look like the one at fault.

They will blame you:

They are experts at pulling the blame card on you. Narcissists have a perfect image, so they can seldom “do anything wrong”. They are irresponsible and immature. They are basically hoaxes. So, before you become another victim of a mass narcissist, don’t let them take away our spark and stay away from them as soon as you see any one of the above red flags.