New Trend Sees Women Putting Succulent Gardens On Their Nails

Botanical artist Arozona (no that isnโ€™t a typo) is the first to create living succulent nail art.

Over the last few years, succulents have grown in popularity especially as part of the home dรฉcor. They add a much-needed pop of color and are easy to care for, they come in a large variety and as most of them a non-toxic they are safe for pets to be around.

One Australian woman called Roz Berg has chosen to make succulents works of art including nail art as she is a botanical artist which makes this idea even more interesting.

Roz uses small succulent plants to create art that literally is alive and breathing! Itโ€™s incredible what this artist can do to your nails using fakes nails and the amazing plants.

Roz first started by creating earrings and tiny wreaths for people’s hair.

As she explained to theย Huffington Post, โ€œI had been making real succulent jewelry and wanted to use the same application on something I had never seen baby succulents used on before. I Googled it and didnโ€™t get any hits on anything, so I went for it.โ€

And went for it she did! Her work has definitely gotten plenty of attention.

โ€œPeople are stunned when they realize itโ€™s real, live plants, not 3D sculpting. Some people are grossed out, but most love it!โ€ she said.

And there is no need for concern since none of the plants were harmed in the making of this nail art. Roz works with oasis glue, a special kind of floral glue, in order to safely stick the baby succulents to the fake nail. โ€œThe oasis glue eventually releases and then you can plant the baby succulents and they can grow happily,โ€ she explained.

The trend was an instant hit, and soon everyone wanted some reusable, sustainable nail art. Rather than removing the fake nails and throwing them away, you can just plant them and watch the succulents grow โ€“ a nice gesture as itโ€™s doing a bit of good for the environment.

You can watch the full process below:

Roz also creates other items using succulents, such as these incredible earrings:

As well as this gorgeous ring:

Check out her intricately designed tiny wreath:

As well as a few more of her designs: