New Trend – Zumping – Being Ditch Over Video Chat Due COVID19 Crisis

As if life isn’t already hard enough with us all being in lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, there is a rise in what is being called Zumping, where your other half breaks up with you via a video call.

Quarantine has left many couples being apart for weeks on end with only phone calls and video chat as a way of being together.

WhatsApp, Houseparty, Facebook, and Zoom have been crucial players in keeping lines of communication open not with just family and friends but partners too. Sadly they are also emerged as the most popular platforms to get dumped too.

Of course face to face ‘in person’ is the decent thing to do when breaking up with someone, but due to the quarantine, those that can’t wait to end the relationship have turned to Zumping.

The quarantine is just too much for some people, they want to break it off so video chat is what they are turning too.

Writer, Julia Moser, spawned the phrase after she posted a tweet in the early hours saying: “Am I the first person who’s been dumped via zoom?”

Julia, who shared her experience on Buzzfeed, also uploaded a snapshot of the heart-breaking Zoom meeting invite, beneath a brutal message which said: “We need to talk.”

And to make matters worse, she later updated Twitter on the situation, saying: “Also the connection was bad so we kept freezing it was so surreal.”

Julia’s tweet has received more than 65,000 likes, as people shared their own dating disasters – while one person referred to her situation as ‘zumping’ – sparking the new dating trend.

Making light of the situation, one person said: “It’s not you, it’s….. my bandwidth.”

Another joked: “I’m sorry he decided to zoom out of your life.”

A third commented: “Did he say he wanted to Zoom other people?”

While this person added: “Man. They were like ‘I could FaceTime… but I’ll set up a meeting link instead’.”

Her tweet prompted an outpouring of similar dating disasters across social media, with one bloke revealing: “Oof. My ex asked me for divorce through Facebook message when Facebook was still new. It smarts.”

This woman shared: “Blarghhh I am so sorry, but if it makes you feel any better, I was once dumped via Tumblr!”

A third added: “I got dumped in a text message on my anniversary back in January.”

Someone else tweeted: “I got dumped by voicemail once. He deliberately called when he knew I wouldn’t be available to pick up, too, the coward.”

Meanwhile, others pointed out the positives, such as not worrying about awkwardly running into the ex any time soon.