Not Sure If You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship These 9 Signs Will Help You Decide

Relationships, the “be all or end all” of love, can be very tumultuous. The bitter end of an emotionally abusive relationship is actually the silver lining of finally feeling free and in control of your emotions. These 9 red flags will definitely help you to find out if you’re in such a relationship and ensure your “get out” call in time.

Violent outbursts:

Emotionally controlling people are the best stage actors. They put on a show simply to abuse you. They are not afraid of crossing the line of harming themselves, or worse, you. A relationship should never reach this level of sabotage

They are constantly judgmental towards you:  

Judgment from your loved more, more specifically, your significant other, can be constructive. But it is a whole different thing if their critique is straight up hurting you inside and you are unable to cope with it. If degrading you is the only way they can talk about you, then this is a clear sign that the person is abusing you. This is not, in any way, acceptable in any kind of relationship.

No permanent full stop to communication:

Emotional manipulators want your life to be surrounded by them. So much so, that these people refrain from communication when you both are together, on the flip side, they make surprisingly lovable promises when you are not face to face with them. Continuous exploitation and control of your emotions drain you mentally and you start to feel irritated by this behavior.

Lingering guilt:

Emotionally abusive people have unrealistic standards that no normal and sane person could meet. The constant judgement and degradation cause lowering in self-esteem and you start to feel guilty, even for things you haven’t done. If, ever in your life, you felt like you have gone through something similar like this, then its high time to leave this person.

Fits of jealousy:

The jealousy of abusive people stems from something very opposite to possessiveness. They become unreasonable and blame you for things that are almost spontaneous, for instance, some nice-looking guy is talking to you in a friendly manner, or someone giving you a friendly gesture. They will snap at you like it’s your fault.

Their actions are your fault:

This is the most illogical reason emotionally tumultuous people can come up with. Their feeling under the weather, their plans not going as planned, their tantrums, their anger outbursts, all are blamed on you. You are held responsible for everything not going right in their lives. This indirectly causes guilt to kick in and you are made the victim of a crime you didn’t even commit.

They are cheaters:

Using the “I am cheating to you” card, they can force you to do anything they want. This degree of peril is dangerous to your self-being. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be this much controlled by someone.

Highly controlling nature:

Manipulative people are behavior controllers. They want to control everything: your time, your spending, the people you spend time with, the relatives you hang out with. Controlling your behavior is something that is totally in your power and if you are giving them complete access to the remote control of your emotions, then it is down to you to change that control.

Turning down communication altogether:

Refusing to communicate at crucial times, especially when you need your significant other to support you, is a major danger sign that you should detect right away. In any relationship, communication is the pivotal facet of deciding whether the relationship is a success or not. It is plain childish and extremely impolite of a person to completely cut off communication.

So, after reading all these signs, if you feel you can relate to the majority of these red flags, then you should seriously consider seeking refuge. Your worth is a lot more than what that person thinks to influence you in the wrong way, both mentally and emotionally.