One Thing He Just Won’t Tolerate According To His Zodiac Sign

Every relationship experiences problems at one time or another, healthy couples compromise, have fights then forgive each other, but there does come a point of no return and the relationship ends.

A person level of tolerance can depend on which sign of the zodiac they are born under.


If you make an Aries man feel unwanted that is one sure way of getting him to end the relationship. He needs to feel wanted and loved and there is no way he is going to beg you for attention.


Should you cheat on him he will absolutely not forgive you it is a deal-breaker for him. He believes that cheat on him once you will no doubt do it again and it has left him questioning everything about you so he would prefer you were not in his life.


Men born under this sign have great intuition, they can see through people very quickly and they know instantly when someone is telling them a lie. For them, you lie once you will again and they have no time for someone who insults their intelligence in this way.


They can love you deeply and you are their whole world, but should you neglect them in any way especially emotionally then they will end the relationship. They expect as much commitment from you as they give to you, if you lack the ability to express your emotions then you are not the one for him.


You have to respect him at all times. Any show of disrespect in his eyes is a deal-breaker. He believes that mutual respect is the foundation of the relationship and is not prepared for respect to be a one-way street.


He is extremely organized in every aspect of his life. They expect their partner to be the same, so anyone who turns out to be messy and chaotic is not someone they want to spend time with. They appreciate honesty and a woman who is driven by her goals, if you turn out not to be this then it is something they won’t tolerate.


They hate feeling pressurized into doing something they don’t want to do, so if you try and make them do something with you that they don’t want to do they would rather end any budding relationship with you. They prefer going at their own pace and in their own time.


One of their biggest issues is disloyalty, they won’t tolerate it in any aspect of their lives especially in their partner. He expects you to be 100% in tune with him and his morals, step out of line in his eyes and as far as he is concerned the relationship is done.


He expects equal effort in the relationship so if you are not putting the effort into the relationship, he will view it as an insult and end the relationship with you. He will not be willing to be the only one trying and no matter how much he loves you it is a deal-breaker for him.


They absolutely hate mind games so if you think you’re being all mysterious with him know it is a major turn off for him. He doesn’t mind the initial chase of getting you but once he has you the games must stop or he will just disappear from your life as quickly as he entered it.


If you think that you can ghost this guy to get his attention, think again, the moment you go ghost he will act as if you never existed. He values communication whether positive or negative and giving him the silent treatment won’t work and you quickly find yourself alone.


If he finds you turn out to be untrustworthy then it’s the end. He needs to be able to trust his partner fully and has no time for wondering if what you are saying or doing is a betrayal. Only those he can trust have a place in his world.