Possible Signs That Your Home Could Be Haunted

Have you ever felt like you are being watched or hear strange noises in your home or find things moved from where you put them and you are the only one at home?

If you have answered yes it could be that your home is haunted and you are not alone in experiencing this phenomenon.

The spirit world is active all the time and we can be surrounded by spirits at any given time, often it is a loved one trying to send us a message but this is not always the case.

Paranormal activity becomes a problem when the occurrences make you feel uncomfortable or scared.

I firmly believe that our homes are our safe haven, so when we find things happening it can remove that feeling of safety and it becomes an unpleasant place to live.

There are many types of spirits around us but for the purpose of this article lets talk about loved ones that have passed over human and animals.

Seven signs that your home is probably haunted.

1. Objects move or disappear

We all misplace items, we think we put them in a certain place only to find them not there, this can be down to the stress of daily living, but what about when we know for sure that we put our keys on the hook to find them not there when we need them.

This can be unsettling especially if it happens a lot. They usually haven’t gone very far from their original place as moving objects takes a lot of energy. Look close by to see if you can see them or if you feel like it ask out loud where your keys are you may find you hear a tapping sound from a draw and when you open them, you find your lost keys.

2. You hear strange noises that can’t be explained

Being home alone and hearing footsteps above or from another room, stairs creaking and even doors opening and closing are the things of horror movies, right? But this happens more than people realize as they are so engrossed in what they are doing it isn’t until they sit down to watch TV that they suddenly become aware of the extra noise going on.

Doors that take a good push to open normally are found to be open when they were previously closed. The sound of footsteps above which stop suddenly when you stand up to investigate. Even the sound of laughter when you are the only one home are all signs that you have a rent-free tenant who is letting you know they are about.

3. There are cold or hot spots in your house

All homes have areas that are colder than others, this can be due to ill-fitting windows and doors, but as we renovate our homes over time these cold spots can’t be explained by common factors so why do we still find cold spots?

If you find walking into a room the temperature is lower than the rest of your home, or you walk on a rug in bare feet and a certain area is cold then it is likely you have a ghostly presence and they are making you aware they are there. Deep rugs have even been known to show the shape of a much-loved pet that has passed over.

4. You are picking up on random feelings, especially negative ones

You may find some areas of your home give you more intense feelings than others. You have a room that you go into that makes you feel irritated even angry, this is a sign you have a negative spirit in your home and is not one to ignore.

The angrier you become the more energy your resident ghost can absorb from you, it is how they operate, they feed on your emotions and then all sorts of mischief begins, they are more often poltergeists and can even drive people from their home.

5. You feel like you’re being watched

The feeling you are being watched is one of the most commonly reported feelings from someone who is concerned their home is haunted. You feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and when you turned around nothing is there.

Some people report feeling cold breath on their neck or face and feel as if someone is either standing behind them or even in front of them but there is nothing to see. You know that feeling you get when you sense someone is staring at you and when you turn to look at them you catch their eye and they look away, that is exactly how it feels when a ghost is watching you.

6. Your child has an imaginary friend

All children have an imaginary friend it is part of growing up, but not all imaginary friends are imaginary, some are actually ghosts. Children are innocent and open to everything so they can see spirits when an adult cannot. As our children grow, they either lose this ability or if they are inclined this ability stays with them and grows.

What your child could be experiencing is a spirit guide, an angel but it could be a ghost too. They key thing here is to not instal your fear onto your child but ask careful questions about their ‘friend’ and see what they tell you.

7. Something bad happened in or around the home

It is often thought that someone who departs the earth so quickly or in a brutal way simply doesn’t know they have died, so they continue to live in ‘their home’ and you the new residents are the squatters. They react with confusion and anger just as anyone would if you came home to find strangers in your home.

Those that have taken their own lives or have been murdered in their own homes can sometimes linger until encouraged to pass over.