#puckerup The New ‘Devil Lips’ Trend Taking Instagram By Storm

First, there was ‘trout lips’ now an alarming trend of ‘Devil Lips’ is on the rise. Believed to have originally started in Russia this scary new beauty trend where people are using filler and make-up to make them look lumpy.

The trend sees people using filler, as well as make-up to create a bumpy wave-effect across their pout.

The procedure is said to involve injecting filler into the outer lip to create an unusual wave, but medical experts are warning against it.

Dr Krystyna, Cosmetic Dentist and Facial Aesthetician explained: “You cannot change the anatomical shape of the lips like this.

“You can sharpen and contour by enhancing the vermilion border, but these ‘devil lips’ are unnatural.

“Filler injected inappropriately could end up in a blood vessel, causing blockages and leading to necrosis (death) of the tissue.

“The vessels are around the lips, so using filler inappropriately is what can cause this.”

It’s also had a huge thumbs down from users on Reddit, after a thread discussing the trend was started last week.

One person said: “It just makes them look like they have blisters.”

While another wrote: “It looks like an exotic form of herpes.”

One person even said the look sent “chills up their spine”.

What do you think?