Relationship Rules That Strong, Independent Women Live By

One thing you need to know – to live a happy life, you need to put yourself first. Never allow anyone to take you for granted or create any kind of chaos in your life. This isn’t history, this isn’t the era where women are told to brush their feelings off and are told to put another’s feelings before themselves. This is the 21st century where you won’t just smile through the pain. You know you deserve better, so you won’t be wasting your time over some guy who isn’t even willing to change for you. Here are a few rules you need to apply while being in a relationship in order to keep peace of your mind.

If he cheats, it’s over

There are billions of people out there for you don’t be wasting time giving chances to some cheater. There are people who wouldn’t even think of doing this act, so you need to let go of this person and move on.

If he doesn’t support your goals. Move on

It’s fine if you both have different goals for life and think another way, but he needs to respect and support your goals. If he doesn’t do that then you need to move on. Relationships only flourish if you support each other’s dreams otherwise you can’t be happy. If you’re supporting his ambitions and he isn’t reciprocating the same way, you need to kiss him goodbye.

If he doesn’t bring positivity to your life, find someone who will

You need positive energy around you to keep you positive and happy. If he’s always being a party pooper and isn’t letting you have your moments, then don’t hold onto him – cut the crap and leave.

If he doesn’t give a damn, then neither should you

What’s the point of being together if he doesn’t even care about you? It’s impossible to make a relationship work if this aspect is missing, in fact, I don’t see a point in a relationship that only requires you to care about him. If he can’t do the same, then don’t waste your time. Someone else will appreciate the way you deserve.

If he doesn’t like your friends and family, it’s a deal breaker

A person who loves you will always understand how important family and friends are for you. If he’s right for you, he’ll understand why you love the people that you love and how they’ve been through everything with you. He’ll understand the unconditional love and if he doesn’t then it’s a problem.

If he makes you feel inferior, hold your head high and walk away

If he makes you feel inferior know that he has his own insecurities that make him think that way. However, it’s not your responsibility to fix him because you can’t. He needs to deal with it on his own.

If he is abusive in any way, don’t stand for it

Verbal abuse is as damaging as physical abuse. Don’t make excuses for him or blame anything on yourself. Once he shows you that side, walk away.

If he makes you second guess yourself, then tell him

If he makes you feel like you’re always wrong or your decisions are never right, he’s causing damage which he isn’t even willing to see. You don’t need him to tell you what to say or think – drop him and let him know.

If he humiliates you, it’s time to leave

It doesn’t matter if he isn’t humiliating you in front of others if he embarrasses you or disgraces you behind closed doors, it’s time. Tell him it’s over.

If he has a substance abuse problem, give him an ultimatum

You can’t support his addictions and there’s nothing wrong with that. He needs to choose one and if he chooses his addiction over you then you’re gone.

If he loves you 100 per cent, don’t be afraid to do the same

Don’t be scared to give your all to someone who loves and respects you because true love is hard to find.  It’s a risk but if it’s right, you’ll know it’s worth it.