Reminder: You’ll Never Be Good Enough For The Wrong People

Never try to change yourself just because you want to fit in someone else’s perspective just so they’ll appreciate you. Learn the fact that these type of people aren’t yours and that’s the harsh reality. While on the bright side, you’ll always find people who’ll love you for you.

If the people you surround yourself are wrong for you, they’ll always think there’s something wrong with you whether it be at a workplace, in love or some social group. They will always have a problem with your short hair, your laugh or anything they don’t think is right about you. They just can’t accept you for who you are and that’s the reality of it.

They will think you need to change

The people who ask or even think that there’s something in you that you should change is doing that just to feel better about themselves. They’ll be coming up with ideas to change your hair or your laugh or how you’ll be better if you followed their thought process. You’re should change the people you spend time with if that’s the case and not yourself.

You are either too little or too much for their liking

People who’re wrong for you will never let you accept you the way you are. They’ll keep on pressurizing you in order to bring some sort of change. You’re just right. They’re wrong. They don’t and never will understand your potential.

You cannot be everyone’s cup of tea

You can’t get along with everyone out there. There will be people who just don’t like you enough and you can’t do anything about it. The key is to only surround yourself with people that make you feel accepted.

Being disliked by a few people does not mean there is something wrong with you

Their disliking doesn’t depict your character or worth. What you think about yourself matters and know you’re okay just as you are.

These people are not your people

If they can’t value, you then they’re not for you. Learn to let them go as they’re not meant to be in your life. It’s hard but it’s worth making room for new people who’ll appreciate you.

You will find your people.

Everyone finds their people. People who think you’re perfect or even when they see your flaws, they’ll accept them. They won’t force you to change anything but will love you with those imperfections. When you find them, hold onto them.

You’re perfect for your people

Right people think you’re exactly how you’re supposed to be and there’s no change needed. They won’t think you’re too much or too little. They don’t think your hair needs to grow or your laugh needs to be toned down. They’ll embrace everything about you because they’ll know you’re right in every way.

Your people will love peaches

They’ll love all of you. Even when you’ll tell them that you think your laugh is weird or you’re awkward, they won’t criticize you for that. In fact, they’ll think it’s lovely how you have all these traits.

You’ll be the right person for them, even at your worst The best thing about surrounding yourself with the right people is that you’ll be good for them even when you’re at your absolute worst. People are supposed to be there in all your good and bad times and the right people are the only ones that’ll stick by your side in all those periods while the wrong people will make an excuse and leave