Renting a hot tub boat for a day out on the lake doesn’t have to be a dream

Living in the time of 2020 means a LOT of different things. Some bad and some not so bad. One of the greatest things in the world today is being able to live like a millionaire without ever really being one. We recently stumbled upon a new way to live like a king and nothing has ever looked like more fun. So get a group of your friends together and go rent a hot tub boat for the day!! Yes, it’s really a thing and if there are enough of you, it’s pretty inexpensive too!


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1. Wait, a hot tub boat? Really? Thats right, we are not kidding. They are hot tubs in essence, but they’re floating in a boat-shaped instrument that does actually move, albeit slowly. They only go about 5 miles per hour but you’ll still need a driver’s license to rent one. Because they will let you cruise around Lake Union in Seattle, where the Hot Tub Boats company is based.

2. It has everything you need for a great day out. This boat comes with all the bells and whistles you will need. They provide dry storage for all our snacks and drinks of course. But they are also hooked up totally with a bluetooth speaker system so you can rock out while you hang. 

3. They’re taking safety very seriously during coronavirus. On their website, the company announced that they have implemented new safety measures including changing the water between guests, cleaning the boat with eco-friendly soaps and chlorine, and reducing rental times so that guests don’t overlap. Not only that, but your group is limited to six people, all of whom will have to sign a waiver saying that they’re not currently ill and have not been around anyone who has been. So they covered all of the bases ensuring both a fun and safe time.

4. It’s not gonna break the bank 

Taking this amazing vessel out for a spin will un you 350 for a two hour tour. But if you bring the maximum amount of friends allowed that only breaks down to 60 a person. Not a bad price for soaking a floating in the tub of your dreams. 

5. For more information, see the Hot Tub Boats website. It’s over HERE and will give you all the info you need for a great day on the high seas. Or, you know, the lake.