Sagittarius – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

She who dares lands great things in your working life. What you dipped your toes into last year, can be signed, sealed and delivered is this one.

But there is just as big a chance you could change your mind about what you’re after on the job front. Not so much the kind of job, but the circumstances surrounding it.

With Uranus, the planet of originality and personality, moving through your work zone between January and August you are seeking more personal gratification from your 9-5 job.

When it comes to cash flow, your money planet is Saturn and as he links to Mars in March, you can expect money-making opportunities to knock.

Love and Friendship

What’s love got to do with it? It may not be the first thing on your mind in 2020, but there is plenty on offer. You’re busy as a bed all through Spring and it could be easy to miss a partner’s or suitor’s best efforts to catch your interest.

Try to schedule a slot for love in your timetable in March or you could miss out on some extra-special attention and affection.

In May, you are more romantically minded as Venus hits your love zone and so does the new Moon. There are new relationships in the stars for singles, new ventures for those attached.

In August, Summer loving is lining up as Mercury faces Neptune in the heavens and you could be separating fantasy from reality, which helps you hatch some plans with your chosen one.

Home and Family

The meeting between Venus and Neptune in January gives you the urge to add some razzle-dazzle to your home. What a happy coincidence that this planetary link coincides with the January sales! They should prove a wonderful source of inspiration as well as providing the materials you need to do the job at the fraction of their normal cost.

In March, as the Sun and Neptune merge, you may be sharing your home with an unexpected visitor, making tea for workmen or signing up with a home agent. In August neighbors, siblings and relatives who live in other towns are coming and going with interesting news that affects you and can benefit you.

In May and December, as Mercury and Neptune square up, delve into your document box and look again at utility company agreements, insurances and leases as these are your windows to renegotiate and switch rather than let contracts just run on.

The Eclipse Effect

There is not just one, but two eclipses in your sign this year. You could feel born again or life a snake that has shed its skin by the years end if you harness their energy. On 5th June the heavens are highlighting what you have outgrown, put up with or regularly bite your tongue about. Around this time there could be moments, conversations, revelations or setbacks that you can’t ignore. The penny will then drop and you suddenly know what has to go and what can stay. Switching things up should be the easy and fun part of the process. Then for the best bit, on 14th December the second eclipse sees you emerge as a brighter, lighter, stronger you.

Affirmation for 2020

Use this to help you make the most of what promises to be an incredible year for you;

‘I am a magnet to all the good in the world and even the clouds have a silver lining for me. I know now that everything happens for a reason and success comes with perfect timing.’


Credit to Rosalie Jones