Saying I Love You Is A Real Struggle For These 6 Signs Of The Zodiac

Saying those three words ‘I love you’ can be a real challenge for some people and according to the zodiac these 6 signs really struggle with saying it.


If they don’t feel the love completely meaning heart, body and soul they will never say it. They are not ones to make an empty statement. They have no issues expressing how they feel as long as those feelings are real. They don’t have time to mess with someone heart as they hate fake emotions, they have often been the recipient of that fakeness so will not do it to someone else as they know how much it hurts.


They are by their very nature indecisive souls when they fall in love though they will say it, they will not leave you second-guessing. To say those three little words is huge for them, so you won’t find them saying it unless they mean it and even then, they will be looking for signs you feel the same way too, as to say it and then be rejected is the thing of nightmares for them.


They have their own unique outlook on life, and they are not ones to jump into love lightly. They will be constantly analysing the situation and looking at their partner’s actions more than words. If they feel confident that there is total love and they feel the same then they will say it, but they usually wait for their partner to say it first. They feel things deeply but a pretty bad at saying what they feel.


They are hopeless at expressing their emotions, they fear rejection so they are not going to be saying ‘I love you’ anytime soon. They will wait a long time before putting their feelings into those words, but they do show their feelings by their actions. When they do say it, they mean it big time and you will know they are fully committed to you. They will also only say it if they see you as their long-term partner and not some relationship that’s there until something better comes along.


They hate change of any kind so to then move the relationship level up to the ‘I love you’ stage is huge for them. They will be waiting for the right moment and they must feel safe and secure in what they say.  They are the builders of the zodiac and as such will work on building the relationship brick by brick. Often, their partners get tired of waiting for them even when they have told them they love them already and because of this sadly they have many missed opportunities.


As far as they are concerned, they don’t hold much value to the words, they prefer to show someone how much they love them as they believe that counts more. They will show you their feelings in everything they do so you will rarely feel the need to question how they feel about you. Everyone loves being told ‘I love you’ and they know this so when they do finally say it, that was a massive thing for them to do so don’t disappoint them by taking it as something that was just said.