Scorpio – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

There could be some instant cash winging its way to you between mid-March and mid-April when your luck chart is at its best, thanks to Mercury joining forces with Neptune, the planet of dreams.

Teamwork is the buzz word in May, with business partners proving to be worth their weight on gold or the perfect complement to your skills, so don’t go it alone.

Even though you like to do things your way if you can compromise there should be double the success and profit and half the work.

Jupiter, your money planet, shifted sign last year and in June, a good way to boost your bank balance or career is through words.

Whether you’re writing a how-to article for colleagues or giving a speech at an event, your gift of the gab could be the gateway to benefits.

Finally, in late December, you could receive some money as a family member shares their good fortune.

Love and Friendship

Roll up, roll up for a relationship rollercoaster ride, where all the thrill of the fair is promised. With Uranus, the planet of out-of-the-blue happenings in your relationship zone, love, at first sight, is on the cards in April.

Uranus is also the planet of originality so you could find yourself hooking up with an eccentric, or someone who is not your usual type, especially in October and November.

Whatever stage of the relationship game you are at, there could be a period of doubt or cold feet about what you want, when and how from mid-May until the end of June. Just go with the flow.

It’s the planet of romance, Venus, hitting her reverse button that’s likely causing these worries. As with all retrogrades, they are the cosmos giving you time out to rest, reflect and rejig.

Taking a step back should make your love life better than ever in the long run so keep your cool and prepare for nirvana in December.

Home and Family

Your mind is expanding, and so is your bank balance, and to complete the hat trick, home and family matters are also set to get a new lease of life in 2020.

Births, marriages, and moves could be the words on your relative’s and friends’ lips, and you are likely to be called upon to play interior designer or lend a hand with the packing or babysitting in February and September.

If you are off in search of pastures new for yourself, February and April are the months that could lead you to a village or city where you know you can bloom and grow. It seems to be either the whirl of the metropolis or the peace of the countryside for you in a year where you don’t do anything by half measures.

Wherever you land, try to get everything done by mid-August to maximize the instant gratification you get from your move.

The Eclipse Effect

Two eclipses could boost your wealth. The first takes place on 5th June and is a lunar eclipse that encourages you to have a thorough financial spring clean. Use its Astro power to help you pay off debts, call in loans, cut costs and invest in yourself. The second is a solar eclipse or super-powerful new Moon, and it occurs on 14th December. Your bank balance should be squeaky clean by then, thanks to all your hard work, so sow the seeds of new projects, make sensible investments and over the following six months bonus cash and material benefits should come your way.

Affirmation for 2020

Use this to help fill your life with happiness and vitality;

‘Health, wealth and happiness I can have it all as I count my blessings and stand tall. I attract all the things that I need and don’t compromise and what matters most to me the universe provides.’

Credit to Rosalie Jones