She Is The Kind Of Woman You Will Regret Losing

She’s the type of woman who’ll accept you for whoever you are and love you unconditionally.

She won’t overlook your flaws or be unaware of them, but she’ll look at them and kiss them. She will know your weaknesses, but she’ll outweigh them against your strengths.  She’ll trust you with everything even her heart and her soul.

There will be times that you’ll hurt her, but she’ll be the one to fall back. She might be falling apart on the inside, but she’ll never guilt trip you for it.

She’ll walk away with her head held up high. As she’s strong enough to pick her broken pieces up and leave you as that is what is best for both of you.

She was never loved the way she deserved, and she learned things the hard way. The only thing that taught her how to love was not being loved the right way.And she gives in everything to the love she believes in.

It’s sad how she never got the love she’s been giving this entire time. She had to be there for herself and had to stand on her two feet alone without anyone’s help because no one was there.

She knows the hurt that you feel when someone you’ve loved the most leaves you. She learned from the hurt and promised herself not to hurt anyone the way she’s been hurt. Never ever.

She’s the type to find a hundred excuses only to give you another chance and wants to trust you all over again.

She will overlook all the things that you lack and will only keep good memories close to her heart. She believes in love – yes, she does. But don’t take her love for granted because she’ll never put up with your betrayal. She knows how to pack her things and leave because she knows betrayal isn’t what she or anyone for that matter, deserves. 

She will walk away if you make her feel insecure. She doesn’t want to feel in any doubt because she’s already dealt with toxic love for years and now, she knows she can’t be humiliated anymore.

Once she leaves, she will never come back.

She’ll give you all the chances in the world even when you don’t deserve it but there will come a point where she’ll leave and then there’ll be no coming back. You’ll crave her existence, but she won’t be there anymore.

It’ll be too late once you realize she was the best thing to ever happen to you and you took her for granted. When she’s moved on, you’ll know how you gave her nothing but crap and now she’s being loved right by someone else.

She won’t ever cheat because she knows how it feels to be cheated on.

While she’s in your life, there won’t be a single moment where you’ll question your self-worth. She’ll never want to change you and she’ll put up with all the shit you put her through making you believe she’ll never leave. She’ll be your biggest fan for as long as she’s there.

She knows what the smallest amount of support from people who matter can mean to a person. She knows the smallest amount of love can change the entire mood of a person and how the day just becomes positive.

You’ll regret losing her because of her mind, heart and passion. Not only because of her body.

She chases away your worries and brings you to a state where you feel calm and content. She can be crazy but at the same time, she’ll be gentle. She’ll be the bright sun in your life and once you make her leave, everything will feel dark and gloomy.

You only took away the love she had to offer and gave nothing in return. She dimmed her bright light and dulled her fierce spark. You put out the burning fire in her heart because it was too much for you. You didn’t have enough to offer even when you kept taking from her.

And now you’re all alone.