Signs That He Has Commitment Issues

Some men have real problems committing to someone, they can become distant for no apparent reason yet when you think about it the relationship has grown steadily into something more permanent and he could be scared or find that level of commitment too much for what he wants right now.

Below are some signs he could be a commitment-phobe which could save you from a lot of heartache.

1. His past relationships lasted for a short time

If you meet someone who is older than you and says they have never had a really serious relationship this is a red flag to watch out for. He could have been dating some incredible women before you but for one reason or another hasn’t felt the desire to commit on a long-term basis. If he says he finds long-term relationships too much work, then best you don’t continue with him as you could get hurt in the end.

2. He avoids long-term planning

There is nothing wrong with living in the moment most of us at some point like to be spontaneous, but if he isn’t even prepared to make plans with you for the weekend and it’s already Wednesday you need to be asking yourself is this any kind of relationship at all. People who have commitment issues rarely plan one day in advance; they seem to have this view what’s the point in planning if I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow.

3. He is TOO sexually active

Men who have commitment issues find it hard to stay faithful to one person. For them, sex is a physical pleasure and need, so if they get the urge, they have to satisfy it and that could well be with anyone if you are not around, which doesn’t bode well for any future between you both.

4. Most of his relationships were undefined

You want to know where the relationship is going, are you now boyfriend and girlfriend, if he is reluctant to even have that status between you both then what the hell are you a booty call? If he says something like we’re okay as we are then that is another red flag you are not the only woman he is seeing.

5. “I have never said ‘I love you’ to someone”

Saying I love you to someone is full of commitment and emotions so don’t expect to hear it from your commitment-phobe, saying that some have been known to say it to keep the peace and keep their booty call going but there are no real emotional connections to when they say it.

6. He’s unpredictable

He has mood swings that can be off the chart, one minute he is kind, caring and loving, the next he avoids eye contact with you or even seeing you. He is not inclined to be attached to you as should he start feeling some kind of attachment it scares him so he reacts by being distant, cold and moody.

7. He loves the chase

He loves to chase women, it is all fun and games to him, pursuing a woman until he finally gets what he wants. Once he has you though the excitement and fun disappears and should the word commitment be mentioned you won’t see him for dust.

8. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends and family

For him this signals to his friends and family that he is now in a committed relationship and he doesn’t want that, plus if you get on well with this friends and family should you meet them, he feels that is applying pressure on him to commit to you as everyone in his life thinks you’re right for him.

Essentially, he has a lot of growing up to do and you are not his mother!