Signs The Man You Are Dating Is A Compulsive Liar

We have all met at least once compulsive liar in our life, sadly more than one in most cases. They lie out of habit as they have to make their life appear so much better than it really is. What they don’t realize is that most of us are happy to accept people warts and all, after all, no one has a perfect life.

Some men lie to boost their ego and to impress the woman they want to start dating, the trouble is once the lies are revealed what could have been a good relationship ends as who wants to spend time with someone who lies every time, they open their mouth?

Sometimes we can be unsure if they are lying to us intentionally or if they really believe what they are saying to be true, often compulsive liars believe what they are saying is the truth.

1. He lies often

There are times when you look at him when he is telling you something and you think what a load of BS, go with that instinct as its right. He just can’t control himself he has to lie; he has the deep urge to make himself out to be someone he isn’t. He wants to be your knight in shining armor and what you really see is tin foil badly creased and well past its use by date. You want to scream at him to stop lying and just be honest with you.

2. By lying he seeks attention

He is lying to you as he has low or no self-esteem. He needs to be your focus of attention he wants you to pay attention to him and only him. He tells you some wild fantastic story in the hope you with like him more and have sympathy for him. What you have is a man-child who has no direction in life and sees you as someone who can guide him, the mother type, not the girlfriend.

3. Lies make his ego boost

He doesn’t like his life one bit, he finds it boring and mundane, so he thinks if he makes up a story that makes him appear more attractive to people then life will improve. Often, his life gets worse especially when he gets caught out. He may tell you that he is in a high-powered job when you first meet him, that he has degrees, or that he owns his own business. It isn’t until later you find out he works for an employer and if he had been honest about that you wouldn’t have even given it a second thought.

4. There is no eye contact

There are two types of liars, there are those that can’t even look at you when they are telling you something just in case you see through their lies, they will be looking all around you, over your shoulder or down at their feet. Then you get the ones who are for want of a better way to put it ‘experts. They can look you straight in the eyes and you won’t see even a flicker from them, they believe if they are looking straight at you, then you won’t doubt what they say is anything but the truth.

5. Their stories change

The problem with being a compulsive liar is that they need to remember all they have told you, and as it isn’t true, they will have a hard time remembering all they said so their stories will change and you are left there thinking well that’s different to what was said before. They just don’t get that if they tell the truth then when speaking about the subject again it will rarely change as there is nothing to remember truth just flows naturally.

6. They believe in their own lies

This is a real problem especially when confronting a compulsive liar as to them they have told you the truth, they believe all they have told you is true. They will get angry sometimes even aggressive by striking out as they believe you are the problem not them. Some liars are so good they can even fool a polygraph. Go with your gut and get rid of them, you don’t need such negativity in your life and as they say, catch a person in a lie once and you will forever doubt what they say.