Signs You Have Philophobia – The Fear Of Love

Are you too afraid to give your heart away?

Are you the one who just cannot trust someone with your heart?

Does the idea of staying in a relationship suffocate you?

Please know these symptoms are related to a problem called philophobia. It is a fear of love.

Let us have a look at the symptoms of people with philophobia described by people surveyed. Let’s see if you can relate.

1.  You can’t let go of the past.

Bad relationships in the past can cause some people to become afraid of new relationships. This sometimes causes one to develop philophobia. You are scared that the past will repeat itself. You need to be healed and you may need to see someone who can help you professionally with this.

2. You are afraid of getting your heart broken.

Once someone’s heart breaks, it’s really hard for them to trust someone with their heart again. You’re afraid that your heart might get broken again. You are saving your heart from heartache and therefore you’re definitely not considering getting into a relationship. You know that your heart can’t take it anymore.

3. You are unable to open up to others.

You are unable to attach emotionally with people because you are scared. It doesn’t mean you have a problem, in fact, it just means you refuse to be hurt. Only a few people know the true you.

4. You have trust issues.

Once a person is betrayed, it is hard for them to trust someone again. If you think people have betrayed you, you may be scared of sharing your heart with someone. It is not easy for you to trust people. You believe that people only meet you for their own interests and love is not a factor. It is like you are disappointed and just done with relationships altogether.

5. You value your single life too much.

It’s better to be single than be with the wrong person. You now enjoy your single life, and you are just afraid to let go of it. It is like being single is what you enjoy now. You are not willing to compromise. You do not enjoy making anyone want you. You love the way you are, and you’re not willing to leave your comfort zone.

6. You feel caged when in a relationship.

Imagine living with one person for all your life. It sounds boring to you. You are so comfortable and free in your life that the idea of sharing life with another person suffocates you. For you, relationships are a cage and you do not want to get trapped.

You don’t enjoy the panic relationships brings. Being individual and single are your life goals. You don’t want to have any relationships at the cost of your freedom. You feel you will be forced to change once in a relationship, and you don’t want that.

You do not like someone telling you what to do. You are your own boss. You don’t bother your life with someone who will end up suffocating you.

7. You only enjoy the physical part of relationships.

Do not confuse this emotional state of philophobia with physical needs. You want to get laid and you enjoy it. It’s the commitment that’s what you are scared of. You want to be more like friends with benefits rather than partners for life. A good bed time without any strings attached is what you need. You are all about making love, but that ends in bed. After or before bed time you enjoy your own company and do not want any partner.