Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

Often when someone talks about psychic abilities, we think of someone who can predict the future or has the ability to read tarot cards, being psychic isn’t always about predicting the future, fortune telling or gazing into a crystal ball.

Psychic abilities are more about having a sixth sense and about intuition and it is an amazing gift to have.

If you have ever wondered if you possess any psychic abilities, or a sixth sense, read these 7 signs below and find out:

You Have Visual Voyance

If you find that you feel a sensation or unexplainable pressure on your third eye this could be your mind opening up to a higher level. You may even see colors or shapes in front of you, people’s auras will be visible where once they were not.

You Get A Tingly Sensation

Have you ever felt like someone is touching the top of your head or you find where that feeling is that it is itching and no amount of scratching stops the sensation? This is your crown chakra opening up and is a direct connection to your spirit guide and your psychic ability. You will find you receive messages from your guide when this occurs and you then interpret what they mean.

You Have Angelic Awareness

You may feel a presence around you that does not fill you will fear but a sense of peace. You feel warm and safe. You find your mind filled with thoughts and emotions that you haven’t experienced before. This is your spirit guide or angel communicating with you. You will find your mind whirling with thoughts and images and it starts to make sense as without realizing it you have been asking questions and they have given you their answers.

You Get Sensual Vulnerability

You may sense that being around certain people or objects gives you negative feelings, your positive energy feels drained and tampered with. You may find yourself imagining a pure light surrounding you and when you do this the feelings of the negative energy subsides and you feel protected.

You Feel Empathic Occurrences

You feel the emotions of everyone around you good and bad. You feel someone’s pain as well as someone’s joy. This can be very draining and you find your mind is full of their thoughts this can be confusing and at times extremely emotional. If you ask your spirit guide to take these feelings away you find yourself feeling at peace again.

You’re A Wild Dreamer

If you find yourself having the same dreams over and over again, this could your spirit guides sending you a message. Keep a notebook by your bed and as soon as you wake up write down what you have dreamt as with most dreams they fade pretty fast once awake. Read through your notes when fully awake as your dream was trying to tell you something.

You Become An Energy Magnet

You will find yourself drawn to people who also have psychic abilities even if they don’t know they have them. It is a journey we all take when we become more aware and to be able to talk it over with someone with the fear of ridicule makes the awakening a lot easier. We all grow with time just some of us grow in a different way.

If you find the above sounds familiar you could be having an awakening and it is a beautiful place to be.