Signs Your Partner Is A Truly Strong Woman

Strong women are in every walks of life. They are not all the same and some will surprise those around them when suddenly they show strength at the most unexpected times.

They have this inner power; you never have to question their intentions and you just know that your partner has her own growth that will help you to grow just by spending time with her.

She knows exactly what she brings to the table and that is not just emotional or financial equality but also quietly a power in herself of self-worth as she doesn’t allow anyone to bring her down.

She accepts you for who you truly are.

She doesn’t try to change you or belittle you; she sees the real you and accepts you and loves you regardless of your faults, she is your cheerleader egging you on to meet and achieve your dreams.

She is great when it comes to communication.

She doesn’t shy away from confrontation, instead, she works on communicating with you no matter how difficult that may be. She may walk away from you at times to calm down, but just know she will return to finish the conversation as issues left unresolved is not her thing.

She doesn’t expect you to hand her the world.

For her relationships should always be about give and take, it is also about equality and supporting each other, working hard to make the relationship right for you both.

She is capable of functioning on her own.

She doesn’t ‘need’ you to achieve her goals in life, she can do that very well on her own, if you are in her life it is because she wants you there, she has chosen you.

She is always willing to compromise to make things even.

She will always be willing to sit down and listen to what you have to say, especially if you have worries or concerns, she will work with you to compromise as that is extremely important to her.

She has talked about the future with you.

When she talks about the future with you it is her way of making sure you know how important you are to her and regardless of how busy her life gets just know you are fully a part of her life in the present and the future.

She will not be disrespected.

Never make the mistake of disrespecting her she will not tolerate this behavior from anyone and certainly not you. She gives you respect so best you give her respect too or your relationship will fail.

She isn’t afraid to apologize when she’s messed up.

Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect and if she makes a mistake, she will be an adult and apologize, she takes full responsibility for her actions and expects you to be the same.

She isn’t looking to please the people of this world.

She is not and never will be a ‘yes’ person. She is fully aware she won’t keep everyone happy, and that is what real life is about, its impossible to keep everyone happy and she will not waste time and energy trying.

She appreciates all you do for her.

She may not always say it but she sees everything you do for her, nothing you do for her goes unnoticed and it’s your actions that makes her love you more, she isn’t about words as talk is cheap and easy to come by.

She holds you together when you’re falling apart.

No one can be strong all the time, and when you feel yourself falling apart she will be there holding you up. You will not find her doing a disappearing act when the tough times come calling.

She doesn’t need to lie to get ahead.

She will never lie to you no matter how hard it will be to tell you the truth. It is her strength that makes her this way. Others may lie to get ahead in life, she will always use the truth to her advantage even if it takes her longer to reach her goals.