Signs You’re Not His Girlfriend, You’re His Mother

Women have a natural instinct in most cases to be maternal, not that is anything wrong with a woman who doesn’t have maternal instincts this business of women are here to procreate is long past we can decide whether we want to have children or not as its about time people stop expecting every woman wants to be a mother!

But what happens when the man you meet and start a relationship with starts behaving like your child instead of your partner? If you start having to nurture your partner then you have a problem, not sure if you have that situation then read on.

1. Cleaning after him

You find yourself constantly picking up after him and running after him, this guy is not your child he is more than capable of putting his laundry away, clearing up his beer bottles and washing his dishes from any snack he has had, if he can make a snack, he can damn well clear up after himself.

2. You leave arguments unresolved

In every relationship, there will be fights that is normal and part of growing into or out of the relationship. Nothing is more frustrating though when he refuses to resolve with you any problems you may be having. If he acts like nothing is wrong when you know there is and he refuses to even discuss it with you then firstly that is disrespectful and secondly, he is avoiding the issue just like a child who doesn’t like facing the reality of life.

3. You constantly nag him to do anything

If you find yourself setting up a schedule for chores on the wall then damn girl you are his mother not his partner. We all had chores dished out to us as children by our parents it was a way to earn our pocket money, he should just be doing chores with you not waiting to see what you schedule him.

4. Absolute control

In all relationships each partner has their own areas they are responsible for such as one person makes sure all the utilities rent/mortgage is paid for, the other deals with car maintenance etc, but if your partner is expecting you to do all of that whilst he does nothing then it is far from an equal relationship.

5. You personally feel like he’s more your child than your partner

So you’ve read the above and you’re thinking hmmm sounds familiar. Now ask yourself do you really want to be so emotionally involved with someone who acts like you’re his mother and not the love of his life. Do you really want to end up in the position that should you have a child with him you have two children to take care of, one who is really an ‘adult’ and the other really a child who needs your attention?