Some New Year Advice For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type. Make 2020 Your Year!

I’m guessing you’ve already started thinking about what you could change in 2020 in the hope it will be a better year for you. We all want something better and perhaps advice based on your Myers-Briggs type could help.

If you are unsure what your type is you can discover your type by answering a few questions found here


It’s about time you have some fun in your life. You are a person of principle which is pretty rare these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to be all stiff and rigid, try letting yourself loosen up, you might find yourself enjoying life more.  Stop living by your diary, be more spontaneous and go with the flow, and look forward never back, what’s done is done.


You enjoy your own company and your alone time is precious to you, but the problem with that is whilst you are alone in your room life is passing you by. Cutting yourself off is not the answer, make time to spend with people who are on your wavelength you’ll be surprised just how many there are out there. Yes, there may be some that could hurt your feelings, but think of those that won’t and will enrich your life.


This needs to be the year you stop repressing your emotions you are not insensitive although that is how some perceive you to be. Let your feelings out for some air, you are not by any means showing a weakness you are showing your strength and by being honest with yourself and your emotions you will find people seeing you are more approachable, even fun.


Time to remove your mask of protection, it’s wearing thin anyway. Start allowing people in, perhaps even allow the walls to come down and open your heart and take the risk to love again you will feel better for it. There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself, but so far in doing just that you have also blocked out those that could make you happier in yourself and matters of the heart.


You are well known for speaking your mind on anything especially if it directly affects you, keep doing that, keep being the courageous soul that you are. But, it’s time to start choosing your battles, if it doesn’t feed you or won’t improve your life, forget about it and move on.


Time to let go of those fears that are eating away at you from the inside. If you find people disappearing from your life, don’t see that as a bad thing for if they were meant to be in your life they would stay not go. But do take a look at how you behave, could it be that some have left as they can no longer tolerate your controlling behavior.


You are a people pleaser and that is no way to live as you are not being true to yourself and that can only damage you in the long run. Stand up for yourself and if people don’t like it then tough! Bring out your attitude, stand tall, speak your mind and feel good about yourself.


That overthinking mind of yours will be the death of you. It’s a new year so break those toxic habits and leave them back in 2019. It won’t be easy and you won’t change overnight, but each time your mind has a negative thought, turn it around into something positive. Yes, you will no doubt have some challenges over this, but face them head-on don’t hideaway.


Your logical mind has always ruled you; you are the person who always does what is right and the smart thing to do, what you perhaps haven’t noticed is that logic holds you back from being who you really are. Experiment a bit in 2020, be brave and you will find that life is very different for you and you could very well find likeminded people as you change.


You need to start facing up to reality and that’s no small task, as you retreat into yourself when things become difficult and fantasize about having a different life. Life can be different for you, but you have to make that happen and sitting on the couch living out an alternative life in your head will not make it a reality, It’s a hard path to take but one you will benefit from.


You are submissive to those around you and that includes your partner, family, and friends, that needs to stop. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for and you need to take the wheel in your life. By all means, take advice from those around you, but you make the final decision. After all, this is your life, and you’re the only one responsible for it.


People disappoint you, but that is down to you simply expecting too much from them. Make allowances for people who perhaps don’t have your strengths, but that doesn’t mean lower your standards. You need to stop looking at life just from your point of view, there are other opinions and ways to look at life, so quit being so rigid, you may not even realize it but your behavior stresses people out.


Make the most of every single day, live it as if it is your last has been your outlook on life and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you ‘adult’ too. But you haven’t been an adult and have had your head up in the clouds. It’s time to put your big girl panties on and face the real world even if it bores you, people are tired of picking up after you, time for you to clear up your own messes.


You’re quite obsessive by nature, you fixate on the smallest of things and then miss out on the big things that you should have been paying closer attention to. Start being true to yourself and quit fearing rejection, because rejection is a normal part of life. As you change people will either love it or have an opinion on it, tell the opinionated assholes to go do one.


You need to slow down, not everything needs to be done at breakneck speed. You will find as you slow down that your life becomes more peaceful, less drama and that you will enjoy the company of those that before now you have been far to busy to see, you may find yourself making new friends and opening up your mind to other alternative ways of life.


Time to step out of your comfort zone. Perhaps a change of career or quitting a habit that you know is no good for you. Perhaps your relationship has just been plodding along as you didn’t want to face the fact it has run its course. Step out of your box and see the world for what it truly is and have an adventure whilst doing so.