Some Of The Most Poisonous People Come Disguised As Friends And Family

Poisonous people are everywhere!

We often fail to see clearly that those who are most toxic to us are family and friends and when that knowledge hits like a steam train it hurts.

It isn’t easy having to accept that those we hold close to us hurt us.

Sure, there are the other poisonous people, co-workers, strangers who don’t know us but form an opinion of us, those are the ones we simply flip the bird to as they are of no consequence.

But when you find the viper in the nest is family or our closest friends the hurt runs deep. Even the most important people in our lives can sometimes have the worst intentions as sad as that is to realize.

They are clever in what they do too. They appear to show care and concern, they are your worst enemies, they are toxic and dangerous, they do nothing but drag you down and use your own words and actions against you.

Gone are the days when we put up with bad behavior from family, no more feeling you are letting down the whole family if you wish to break ties. Breaking ties with family is in no way easy like it is when a friend pushing you too far and you’ve has enough of their passive-aggressive ways.

Family members can be harmful to be around. They can and do manipulate you, turn your words around into something completely different from what you meant and said.

They do this to keep you close to them, as they believe that you would never cut ties as after all you are family. Just because they’re your cousin, aunt, mom, or just your best friend doesn’t mean that you owe them anything.

Any relationship and that includes family and friends, not just romantic takes hard work and mutual respect for it to work. People who truly love you would never break you, hurt you, and be toxic to you.

Once you decide to break ties, don’t let them try and pull you back in.

Keep your own wellbeing in mind and always do what is best for you.

It will be difficult there is no denying that, and so you miss out on some family gatherings whilst you find your way, be ready for them to say untruths about you, make it clear this is no short term family argument, this is you ensuring what is best for you and above all else there for yourself above all else.