Sorry He Just Isn’t In Love With You And It Is All Down To His Zodiac Sign

We don’t just use the zodiac to predict the future, it can be used for all manner of things such as people’s behavior and their personalities.

Perhaps you can find out why the man you thought was perfect for you just isn’t in love with you like you are with him.


What you see is what you get with Aries. They can’t lie about how they feel, it is impossible for them to do so.

If they are not interested in, you then they won’t hide it from you.

You can message them as much as you like but if they have decided you are not the one, you will not get a response back so give it up it’s not meant to be.


Taurus men are fickle.

They will give you all their attention, buy you little gifts and message you frequently but the minute they grow tired of you they go ghost.

You may have known the signs were already there that he has lost interest, but you chose to ignore them in the hope you were wrong.


He has lots of friends, is very popular and has great demands on his time.

When with you he gives you his full attention and is creative in finding fun things for you to do together.

If you suddenly notice that the time you spend together is less and less and he even makes excuses as to why you can’t spend time together, that is his way of telling you he has moved on.


Direct answers from him will always be a challenge.

You can do your best to make a relationship work with them but if they lack the interest in you it just won’t work.

If he feels that your need for him is embarrassing or humiliating him, he will for once not hold back and tell you what he thinks, and you may not like what you hear.


One minute he is all over you the next he is distant it’s like riding a roller coaster.

They can be very romantic, taking you out for a special dinner date, buying little fun gifts to make you smile.

But that can change very quickly, and he can suddenly decide that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore and will give you a long-winded reason why before he leaves you out in the cold.


When a Virgo loses interest, it begins in a subtle way.

They tend to claim sickness such as headaches and cancel dates at the last minute.

This will increase over time and you will be left wondering what has gone wrong.

They just haven’t got to the stage where they will tell you its over, so perhaps ask the question and save yourself some time of being given the runaround.


Libra’s are a total nightmare to get them to admit it’s over.

They procrastinate constantly about things as it is.

Watch how they behave with you, as that will tell you a lot.

Kisses will feel different, hugs not as tight as they were, and worse you could even see them out with another woman before they have the balls to say it’s over.


These men love to place the blame for a broken relationship on their partner, it is never their fault ever!

When they want to get rid of you, they become darker in their behavior, making life very uncomfortable.

They push and push until you finally leave, which then gives them the way clear to say “Look what she did to me”


They are tactless and find it impossible to keep their mouths shut over anything.

Never confide in them about anything as they have no morals about keeping what should just be between the two of you.

They laugh at your emotions and make fun of you, they have no idea about loyalty and are just shitty human beings in general.


These guys tend to be long term in their relationships.

Once it’s over though it’s over.

A key indication it’s over is when they will spend more time with their friends and not commit to even attending a birthday party or any engagement at all.

He has got tired you, but just doesn’t know how to tell you.


They tend to be your friend first before getting into a relationship with you.

He likes to feel secure with you so that he can tell you everything.

The downside of this, should he fall out of love with you he will quickly put it back on friends only footing and could even be so insensitive as to tell you he has fallen in love with someone else as he thinks you are no longer lovers and just friends.


Men under this sign just have no idea how to end it with you.

They feel extreme guilt that they don’t want to be with you anymore.

They will lie to you thinking it will keep you happy and even when caught out they will continue to lie.

Their behavior is their way of getting you to leave them even though they should have just been honest enough to say “I no longer love you”