Stop Apologizing To Shitty People As If You’re The One In The Wrong

Apologizing to someone has always been considered to be emotional maturity. Being sorry for our rude behavior shows the necessary concern and empathy that is essential for every person. It highlights how you possess the ability to understand other people’s emotions due to your sensitive nature. The word “sorry” that we learn during the initial stages of our lives and continues to be hammered into us even in our adulthood. This verbal apology sometimes reduces your value and confidence. Sometimes, you become the one who always put yourself down.

Everyone does wrong at times. However, you can’t be wrong every single time. So why are you always apologizing? Most of the time, the toxic person in your life portrays you as the one who is wrong. No matter how much you try, they always present you as the villain. Don’t let such people make you believe that the situation is screwed because of you. Don’t allow them to get angry when they owe you an apology. Sometimes, you are the one who deserves the right to be angry.

Have you ever felt that you are apologizing all the time about everything and about nothing at all? Do you feel like you have to apologize for just existing or something?

When you are not wrong, it is high time that you stop apologizing to your shitty partner.

It is not possible that everything is your fault in the relationship. Don’t allow any toxic person to reduce your self-esteem and confidence. Don’t let them blame you for everything that is harming your relationship. You are not responsible for everything that goes wrong. You are not the one who should be blamed for their lies, cheating and non-serious attitude. Don’t allow them to make everything your fault. When they scream at you and cheat you for no good reason, you should not carry the baggage of countless apologies. Don’t blame yourself for loving them and for putting every inch of your being in the relationship.

You don’t owe them an apology for their mistakes and actions. If they are cruel and irresponsible, then you should not blame yourself for it. You don’t need to feel that you are not good enough for them.

Enough if they tell you that their behavior is because of their love and protective nature. You should not accept this excuse. This shitty attempt of blame game should not be tolerated. You should not be the one who is apologizing just for existing. In any relationship, you should be allowed to stretch your existence and speak your voice out loud. You have got the right to attain an appreciation for all the efforts rather than just being blamed for everything.

If your partner is unable to control their rude behavior and temper, it is clearly not your fault.

In a healthy relationship, it is essential to have strong two-way communication to resolve the issues. There should be respect for each other’s perspectives, along with certain compromises. It’s acceptable to apologize for making certain mistakes, but screaming, accusing, and blaming is not acceptable. It’s right to open about your deep realities and feelings, but there should not be any toxicity.

Don’t settle for anything that constantly leads you to a battle where you lose your self-confidence. Your partner should not always make you feel worthless. Your partner should not be allowed to question your dignity.

You truly deserve respect and someone better. You are not the one who is responsible for their inability to reciprocate the feelings. Don’t blame yourself for their lack of love and empathy. Don’t blame yourself for their cruelty and lies.

Do you know what you should do now? It’s the right time to make better decisions in your life. Don’t allow your toxic partner to fool you constantly. Leave them right where they are and consider your self-worth.

Just leave them behind because you have better things ahead. You have a bright future ahead with someone who is capable of accepting his flaws and mistakes.