‘Strawberry Blonde’ Sunflowers Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Sunflowers have always been a popular flower, they brighten up the back yard and our homes with their brightness, filling our homes with the sense of sunshine inside.

They are a happy flower with their bright yellow petals and now there is another type of sunflower that has strawberry blonde petals and they are proving just a popular as their bright yellow counterpart.

They are a slight variation on the original

They are still part of the Helianthus annuus genus family, with a twist of color. They grow as tall and proud with pink and burgundy petals which makes them very special.

They are easy to grow

There are plenty of places that sell the strawberry blonde sunflower seeds you can plant them in your back yard. They just require sunlight and good watering and within two months they are fully grown.

They are low maintenance

Not everyone has been gifted with green thumbs, but to get the plant established in your yard takes little effort and with the right conditions for growing they thrive to the very best they can be.

They grow extremely tall

Just like their bright yellow counterpart they can grow up to six feet tall. You can’t beat having a cluster of sunflowers brightening up your yard and in some cases reaching the upstairs windows.

The birds and insects love them too

With concern for the future of bees planting sunflowers helps the bee population to grow and thrive as they love sunflowers. You will find birds and butterflies drawn to the sunflowers too which makes your back yard a haven for wildlife.