Stunning Flower Tattoos with Black Backgrounds Are Absolutely Breath-Taking

Esther Garcia is a Chicago based tattoo artist who has created the most stunning inky black backgrounds with such delicate designs you can’t stop looking at them.

She also does Sweet peas, garden roses, butterflies and birds all emerging from the black backgrounds as you will see in the pictures.

Garcia is pretty much self-taught with 20 years’ experience and is well known for her artistic approach to tattooing.

These particular designs started as the solution to covering up previous tattoos but she wanted to make sure they didn’t appear as cover-ups rather as stunning body art.

Garcia says; “I found it meditative and very enjoyable to make a smooth saturated surface where there was chaos before, but pretty soon I was looking for ways to make it a bit more ornamental,” Garcia explains. “I am very influenced by Dutch master paintings of lush florals and fruit, and I love the depth and richness that a dark background offers. It turns out to be a great way to evoke delicacy in a tattoo and doesn’t need to involve cover-ups at all.”

Garcia is also now working on textile designs with Chicago designer Kyle Letendre, as well as continuing her tattoo business. She is also traveling to hold workshops to educate young artists on unique designs and running a long-term business.

You can see more of Garcia’s tattoos on Instagram, and see what upcoming projects she has available on her website.