Survey Says Women Like Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands

There are some relationships in our life that are close to our heart and extremely special. As humans, we cannot live in isolation and we desire social interaction. We crave attention in both our social and intimate relationships. However, some relationships are more valued than others due to varying attachment and comfort levels. You could be closest to your first friend from your childhood that has shared various life experiences with you, a parent, a sibling or any other family member. As we grow older we may end up closest to an intimate partner as well.

However, a recent survey that was conducted by the SPA and a healthcare company named “Champneys,” it highlighted some astonishing results that might indicate that women prefer a female best friend over their romantic partners. The survey shed light on matters that might surprise you regarding your strong bond with your best friend in comparison to your soulmates. The survey has openly explained feelings that were always hidden.

The survey was conducted with mostly women and it highlighted that women prefer to spend time and share their secrets with their best friends over their husbands. To be more precise, 1517 women participated in the survey. The research highlighted that more than half of the women who took the survey preferred their best friends over their spouses. They considered the bonds with their best friends more comfortable, reliable and strong. The results attained from this survey were surely surprising as the relation between spouses is always fantasized to be closest. There are multiple reasons for this preference.

However, the most popular reason that most women in the survey seemed to agree on was the fact that they could talk to their best friends about more things than their husbands. These women claimed that there were certain things they could only open up to their girlfriends about, and could never mention to their husbands.

Another popular reason as to why married women felt closer to their best friends was because they found that their girlfriends would serve as better listeners than their spouses. They felt like they were being heard more by their best friends than their husbands.

The most highlighted reason for considering a best friend being closer is that they are able to share almost everything with each other. This analysis was also followed by the reasoning that female friends are capable of understanding situations better due to their better listening skills. It also indicated that women go through similar emotions and desires that makes it easy for them to understand each other.

According to the responses, females have a better time with their girlfriends. Reasons like ‘we laugh about almost everything’, we have ‘too many similarities’, and ‘we are able to show our flaws and fears.’ 28 percent of the women highlighted that their best girlfriends have better advice and are capable of giving better company.

One out of four women said that their husbands are unable to understand their mood swings and become irritated when they’re moody. One-fifth of the participants also highlighted that they enjoy the sense of humor in their best friend and that’s why they always want to spend time with them.

One of the spokesmen from Champneys indicated that this research was conducted after they experienced a drastic change in female group booking in their spa, especially during weekends.

They decided to do a package called “Girls Night In” which is specifically customized for a group of six or more female friends, and it has become highly demanded.

The spa is usually marketed and designed for women. However, the women bringing in their girlfriends instead of their romantic partner surely highlighted who they want to relax with. Other than that, women often share secrets with a best friend that are usually hidden from their spouses.

So, if you are a married man, learn to listen more and be interested in your wife’s hobbies and preferences. Otherwise, you might get replaced by her bestie during her relaxing time.