Taurus – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

Have the champagne on ice, Taurus. This is your year for more wealth and happiness. A surge of earth-sign energy in the heavens throughout Spring is bringing a lovely mix of new work and new horizons for you bulls.

There are changes afoot but do not fear, they are all in your hands and you can bend and shape them any way you like.

If you are honest with yourself, you have to admit you have known for months now that certain aspects of your daily life are cramping your style and stopping you growing. What isn’t working must go, and Mars helps you see to that in February and March. But as well as being an all-action planet, Mars is associated with new beginnings, so when you close old doors, this allows golden opportunities to crop up.

Windfalls, meanwhile, are due to arrive in April and May near your birthday, and a career-high could come in the same months, thanks to go-getting Mars hanging out in your zone of ambitions.

Love and Friendship

Who wouldn’t want to be with you, Taurus, you have it all going for you. Your life is on the up, plus you can give lovers and suitors both security and freedom, and that’s a combination that isn’t on offer very often.

The thing is, you need plenty of time to yourself to explore all the possibilities before you, and you simply can’t have someone tying you down to be in certain places at certain times, to do certain things in the first half of the year. Flexibility is the buzz word if romance is to bloom.

On the flip side, you won’t be keeping tabs on your love interests either. You will expect to be able to trust them and they must trust you. When the pair of you reach this kind of understanding in the Summer, the time you spend together will be full of excitement and passion, as you swap ideas and hatch amazing plans.

Commitments are best discussed before 13th May or after 25th June as you ruler Venus, goddess of love, is reversing in-between times and your head and heart are unlikely to be in tune.

Home and Family

Home is gaining in importance for you. Your base camp will be at the heart of all operations this year, and you should find yourself adding to those all-important comforts and luxuries in March and October when your ruler sensual Venus, links with Jupiter, the planet of plenty.

House moves are not at the top of the cosmic list in 2020, but for those who do have the urge to up sticks, fate and fortune should shine upon your efforts in August and September.

In the second half of August, listening to the youngsters in your life could be invaluable, while it’s your elders who could have the advice and insights you need in January and February.

The Eclipse Effect

There’s an eclipse lining up in the heavens that looks particularly favorable for you bulls. It’s a lunar eclipse and occurs on 5th July in your horoscope zone of expansion and learning. Keep your ear to the ground, Taurus, and listen to all you hear, or overhear, and even if you have to stay indoors, have the TV on and the phone by your side. News or views are promised that could act as a game-changer for you. At the same time, send out requests, thanks and invitations. What comes back should be extraordinary and definitely beneficial.

Affirmation for 2020

Use this under new and full moons to boost your income.

‘Cash may come and cash may go, but in this year more towards me does flow. As I believe in myself and all I do, wealth is mine for the taking and this I know to be true, as I share my talents and try my best in all I do.’

Credit to Rosalie Jones