Teen Invents Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer Early, After Almost Losing Mom To Disease

A nineteen-year-old boy name Julian Rios Cantu invented a bra that can potentially catch symptoms pointing towards breast cancer in its early stages. The inspiration came from an unfortunate event that happened in his life. His mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was only thirteen. His mother lost both her breasts in the fight against cancer just because she didn’t receive an early diagnosis. They were identified as benign when in reality they weren’t. It was later found that they were cancerous, but it was too late. When Cantu saw his mother get physically, emotionally and mentally scarred by these traumatic events, he came up with something that’ll ensure other women never have to go through what his mother went through.

He stated that he believes his mother could’ve dealt with cancer in a better way if it had been diagnosed a little early. The high density of her breasts is what caused the X-ray to miss the tumors. He also stated that this problem is found more in countries that don’t have enough medical access and this dangerous practice can ultimately cause death.

It wasn’t easy for him to come up with this amazing invention. In fact, he spent several months doing research on what was happening around the world. He wanted to ensure he informed himself with the current diagnostic techniques. The research led him to invent a bra that will detect early signs of cancer. He carried out the process quite professionally by getting exclusive rights first and then asking a few eligible friends for help. Then ultimately, he released his final product. The bra isn’t public yet, but it will go on sale anytime now. However, their official websites have started taking preorders.

Cantu, along with his three friends, came up with a name for the company – Higia Technologies. The cancer-detecting bra is given the name EVA. EVA is described as, the first intelligent, portable, and non-invasive wearable designed to detect abnormalities in the thermal patterns of the breast, an indicator for the possible presence of breast cancer”. It collects the thermal data from the breasts once it is worn by women. These thermal patterns are then utilized to figure out if something’s wrong.

These are potential indicators that the tumor is, in fact, present in the breast. It is possible because the tumors have high cellular reproduction rate. Higia Technologies claim that by the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, EVA is able to analyze the hot zone around the tumor and generate risk evaluation. Instead of going to the doctor every now and then, one can buy it because it is more reliable and easier to use.

This bra takes self-examination to a whole new level. It makes it more reliable because while many women may be self-examining themselves, chances are they aren’t doing it right. The website claims that this bra removes human error.

The claims aren’t just being made in fact EVA has gone through severe and tough tests in order to assure that it works, and the technology is made right. The official company states that the bra’s sensitivity is 87.9% while it is at 81.7%. The sample size includes 153 women with results confirming 33 women of breast cancer through mammogram or biopsy.

Because of Higia Technologies great initiative and helpful invention, it gained huge funding from many avenues and has been acknowledged by Forbes Magazine Mexico which is huge for the company and its PR.