Tell-Tale Signs You Could Be A People-Hater

There are a lot of people haters these days. For some weird reason, we hate how people behave, act, their accents, the sound of someone eating, even what they talk about.

We all have some days regardless of gender that people just rub us up the wrong way, it’s not just a girl thing even though the guys would love everyone to think it’s just us girls who can be prime bitches.

The truth of the matter is people piss us off, they let us down right when we are relying on them the most and it just fills us with anger and at times hateful thoughts or even saying what we think out loud much to some people’s dismay.

Some situations pull the people hater out of us more than others, here are my choice picks;

  1. I hate when strangers talk to me

There you are minding your own business eating your sandwich in your lunch break in the park trying to grab a few minutes to yourself and soak up a little sun when someone literally plonks themselves down next to you and starts talking as they unwrap their own sandwich, they don’t even take a breath or even stop talking as they chew so you have the gruesome sight of what they are eating. OMFG, shoot me now. I hate talking to strangers as it is but rude and ill-mannered ones even worse. I lose my appetite and dump my sandwich and walk away.

  1. I hate places where I am stuck with people and there’s no way out!

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator with someone who you just know hasn’t showered for a few days, and they haven’t cleaned their teeth, the smell is overpowering and they start talking to you and seem to be edging closer and closer and seem to be smelling my perfume whilst leering, yeah, we all know those ones don’t we. Firstly, yes there is enough water that you don’t give basic hygiene a miss, second, if you must talk at least be minty fresh, some people have no shame.

  1. I hate when someone interrupts me while I am talking on the phone

Seriously! How rude are they? It’s clear you are on the phone, you are talking and they stand in front of you and start a conversation. I have excelled at the art of giving them a withering resting bitch face look that tends to get the message across or I give a 🤷‍♀️ and that sees them off.

  1. Meeting new people is a pain in the butt for me.

I am not greatest at small talk it irritates me just get to the point why don’t you! But there are times when it’s a must and I just swallow my irritation and get on with the meet and greet and keep saying to myself ‘keep going you will never see them again after today’.

  1. I hate fucking group texts.

Group texts are bad enough when you are part of it for arranging a night out, for example, I’m in the zone of you lot sort it and just tell me where and when. I don’t need my phone blown up with mindless prattling. Worse being added to a group text without even being asked and finding yourself in a fucking war zone, okay I’m done, I’m out!

  1. I hate people who sneeze and or cough over and over again.

I totally get that people can’t help being sick, but damn cover your mouth and nose when you’re sneezing, I don’t need your germs and don’t even think of offering me your hand to shake after I’ve just seen you sneezing into your hands. Coughing is the thing of nightmares for me, constant coughing that feels relentless could very easily get you killed if you get any closer to me.

  1. I HATE being in a crowded restaurant.

Noisy crowded restaurants are one of my pet hates, how on earth can I talk with the people I’m with when I can’t even hear what the person next to me is saying without them shouting. That’s an ‘all about the money’ restaurant, pack em in and hear the till ring, well this girls’ dollars won’t be used here again.

  1. I have absolutely no patience for anything.

It’s pretty clear I don’t have a lot of patience and waiting makes it even worse. I always make sure I’m the very first appointment of the day for doctors or dentists as I’m already anxious enough when I get there without having to wait to see them. I’m a straight in and be seen and gone kinda, girl.

  1. I hate talking to certain people over the phone.

There are just some people you want to avoid talking to on the phone, the damn cold callers for one, that friend who always calls and you can literally see them with a tray of drinks and candy settling in for a long chat when all you want to do is take a shower and head off to bed. If you’re honest we all have those times.

I may sound a right bitch about things I hate, but truly I’m just being honest about myself as a people hater.